What’s your vision for your life?

Some people naturally resent that question. Others are discouraged by it and then there are those who are provoked by it. Which are you?

Wherever you fall on the above spectrum, one thing is certain…your vision for your life is within you. Destiny has hidden your purpose inside you. So, your future is not ahead of you. It’s within you. An apple orchard is not ahead of the seed. The orchard is within the seed.

Destiny planted vision for your life within you so that it’s presence might provoke you towards it’s discovery.

The vision for your life is that lingering dream that continues to surface even from childhood.

The vision for your life is that stirring desire that faithfully resurfaces year after year.

Can you see it now? Has it just resurfaced?

Today, I heard it said that “a friend is anyone who is willing and committed to getting you to your destiny”. Let me, then, serve you as a friend by sharing the following 8 steps to fulfilling your purpose.

1. Capture your vision. You likely saw it flash through your mind’s eye already while reading this post. Return to it. Sit with it. Let it be without explanation or need for justification. Just let it be and receive it as it unfolds before your mind’s eye now.

2. Simplify your vision. Oft times, we’re inclined to think that our vision is silly. Our mind’s eye sees a ranch setting, a spectacular mountain-scape, and rolling green plains. In reply, our left hemisphere asks. “what does this have to do with anything? There couldn’t possibly be any value to this daydreaming.” But remember, the vision is like that seed buried deep in the soil of your spirit provoking you towards greater things and a more fulfilling life. Perhaps your “silly” mental image is the fodder necessary to stoke the flame of your inner drive. So, let your vision be without embellishment or explanation. Allow it to remain in its simple, unadulterated form.

3. Document your vision. This may prove challenging…Document your entire life purpose into one sentence. Your entire life into one sentence. Identify what you have to offer your generation and the world. Encapsulate it all within one sentence. As you do, you will find your vision growing remarkably clear.

4. Display your vision sentence. Throughout the spaces you occupy, display your vision sentence. In doing so, you’re training all aspects of your being (conscious and subconscious) to embrace and yield to your life vision.

5. Make a plan based on your vision sentence. In no way are you wedded to this plan, but once you’ve put pen to paper you’ve begun training your appetites to desire only those things that lend themselves to your life vision. You’re recruiting all areas of your life to support your purpose.

6. Revise your vision. From time to time, your vision will require a re·vision. This is your opportunity to evaluate whether you’re on course. If not, what changes need to be made?

7. Evaluate your vision. This is the time to ask yourself again, “Am I doing what I discovered that I’m here to do?” Your greatest enemy to a life fulfilled, a life ordered according to Destiny’s call, is distraction. Your greatest distractions are those good things that you lend yourself to that were never meant for you. Can you identify any such culprits presently in your life?

8. Vision comes in phases. Vision unfolds in phases and is fulfilled in phases. It’s a process requiring persistence, patience, and faith. Along the way, you will encounter ample opportunity to distract yourself with “good” things. However, a preoccupation with any good thing is no substitute for the right thing – that thing for which you were intended. Set about to please no one along the way. Seek only to be yourself. The greatest thing for you to discover is yourself. Your most recent success is not who you are, nor is the next. It’s important that you know this otherwise you may be inclined to settle thinking you’ve arrived. No matter how great you currently think you are, you’re destined for more. Press on!

Stay blessed! You are destined for great things. When adversity sets in, press on! You are of far too great import to settle for anything less than that which you were intended. Press on!

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