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Dennis Huxley

Meet Dennis Huxley, longtime friend and spiritual mentor to Sara, herself. Dennis brings a unique approach to his inner healing sessions. Utilizing varied techniques, he gets to the root of things hindering your progress and personal connection with the Spirit. Working with you and guided by the Spirit, Dennis will walk you through the process of freedom and wholeness. Your time with Dennis is not a counseling session. It’s a time of interacting with the Spirit for wholeness and the pursuit of your destiny.

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A personal word from Dennis, himself…

We’re living in possibly the most exciting time in all of human history!

I have been pursuing spirituality since I was a child. I was brought up in a spiritual community that I won’t name here. Even as a young boy, I was drawn to something within its teachings, something wonderful that I couldn’t grasp or articulate. I was also repulsed by other things I saw within that community. It was a confusing experience. I was left suspicious of spiritual things.

In 1979, I had a spiritual awakening – I was “born again” – that gave me a firm foundation from which to pursue spiritual truth and praxis. I was introduced to the power of paradox. My new foundation was, on one hand, confining and safe, like the sheepcote of an able and ever watchful shepherd. On the other hand, it was limitless. The horizons I longed to explore kept moving away as fast as I flew toward them, for on this hand, I was not a sheep, but like an eagle. I’ve always been a wanderer, and I reveled in the freedom to wander and explore at will.

The sheep cote and the horizon provided all I needed to discover who I am, what my gifts are, and what I was created to do with them. Since 2007, I have been traveling to places where “spiritual seekers” go, looking for spiritual reality, and I have been amazed to find that people everywhere are interested in spiritual things. I minister to people from every walk of life and every spiritual background, including those with no awareness of any spiritual background. I’m continually surprised and delighted at how spiritually hungry people are – I have ministered to Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, Witches, neo-Pagans, Druids – even atheists and agnostics.

It is not my role to tell people what to believe, or to convince people of anything. My role is to provide whatever support is necessary for people on the way to Spiritual Truth. I have a diverse set of tools to use in this role. Dreams are a necessary vehicle for the seeker, and by Creator, I can interpret dreams. Wounds in our souls from the hurts and devastations that happen to all of us can completely block our path if left unresolved. Again, by Creator, I can help you find them and remove their power. I am plumbing the depths of Spiritual reality, and I can help you do the same.

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