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Wendy Gossett

Wendy has become a beloved friend to Sara. The insight that Wendy offers into the unique, divine splendor of each individual is invaluable. A session with Wendy will quickly uncover the invaluable assets that are exclusive to you, enabling you to see with clarity, your destined impact on history and humanity.

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A personal word from Wendy…

My spiritual journey began as a very young child brought up in a Christian home. I never really questioned anything until I got to college. For some reason, I kept encountering these wonderfully, interesting people who were atheist or agnostic and out of respect, I wanted to understand their spiritual journey.

I have toured parts of the world and stayed in the homes of people representing many religions,  ethnicities and gender preferences. I have seen a lot of hurt and shame around the topic of identity. Shame is fed by the darkness and grows in secret.

Currently I work with individuals who have experienced much shame in their lives.  Through the 2000 year old science of temperament and typology, I have been able to help people overcome their shame by realizing they are not alone and don’t have to hide their uniqueness.

Some temperaments are extremely rare and don’t seem to fit in with our society. Because these people were misunderstood by their parents, their school mates, their coworkers, their employers, they feel something must be wrong with them and so they are unable to grow into the role they were meant to play in the grand story. 

In our work together, you will come to understand your main psychological preferences which scientifically explain why you do what you do and are who you are. It will let you know that you were designed for a purpose and aren’t here by accident.

Everyone is uniquely different, and yet there are threads of similarity that can unify us and help us feel more connected. I just felt this unity with a complete stranger who grew up in a completely different world from mine. He was abused by his father, surrounded by gang violence, alienated as many of his friends were taken from him through death and shamed for his sexual preferences. As I began to illuminate his hidden complexities, his eyes filled with tears, because he felt validated and seen for the first time.

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