8 Steps To Fulfilling Your Purpose

8 Steps To Fulfilling Your Purpose

What’s your vision for your life?

Some people naturally resent that question. Others are discouraged by it and then there are those who are provoked by it. Which are you?

Wherever you fall on the above spectrum, one thing is certain…your vision for your life is within you. Destiny has hidden your purpose inside you. So, your future is not ahead of you. It’s within you. An apple orchard is not ahead of the seed. The orchard is within the seed.

Destiny planted vision for your life within you so that it’s presence might provoke you towards it’s discovery.

The vision for your life is that lingering dream that continues to surface even from childhood.

The vision for your life is that stirring desire that faithfully resurfaces year after year.

Can you see it now? Has it just resurfaced?

Today, I heard it said that “a friend is anyone who is willing and committed to getting you to your destiny”. Let me, then, serve you as a friend by sharing the following 8 steps to fulfilling your purpose.

1. Capture your vision. You likely saw it flash through your mind’s eye already while reading this post. Return to it. Sit with it. Let it be without explanation or need for justification. Just let it be and receive it as it unfolds before your mind’s eye now.

2. Simplify your vision. Oft times, we’re inclined to think that our vision is silly. Our mind’s eye sees a ranch setting, a spectacular mountain-scape, and rolling green plains. In reply, our left hemisphere asks. “what does this have to do with anything? There couldn’t possibly be any value to this daydreaming.” But remember, the vision is like that seed buried deep in the soil of your spirit provoking you towards greater things and a more fulfilling life. Perhaps your “silly” mental image is the fodder necessary to stoke the flame of your inner drive. So, let your vision be without embellishment or explanation. Allow it to remain in its simple, unadulterated form.

3. Document your vision. This may prove challenging…Document your entire life purpose into one sentence. Your entire life into one sentence. Identify what you have to offer your generation and the world. Encapsulate it all within one sentence. As you do, you will find your vision growing remarkably clear.

4. Display your vision sentence. Throughout the spaces you occupy, display your vision sentence. In doing so, you’re training all aspects of your being (conscious and subconscious) to embrace and yield to your life vision.

5. Make a plan based on your vision sentence. In no way are you wedded to this plan, but once you’ve put pen to paper you’ve begun training your appetites to desire only those things that lend themselves to your life vision. You’re recruiting all areas of your life to support your purpose.

6. Revise your vision. From time to time, your vision will require a re·vision. This is your opportunity to evaluate whether you’re on course. If not, what changes need to be made?

7. Evaluate your vision. This is the time to ask yourself again, “Am I doing what I discovered that I’m here to do?” Your greatest enemy to a life fulfilled, a life ordered according to Destiny’s call, is distraction. Your greatest distractions are those good things that you lend yourself to that were never meant for you. Can you identify any such culprits presently in your life?

8. Vision comes in phases. Vision unfolds in phases and is fulfilled in phases. It’s a process requiring persistence, patience, and faith. Along the way, you will encounter ample opportunity to distract yourself with “good” things. However, a preoccupation with any good thing is no substitute for the right thing – that thing for which you were intended. Set about to please no one along the way. Seek only to be yourself. The greatest thing for you to discover is yourself. Your most recent success is not who you are, nor is the next. It’s important that you know this otherwise you may be inclined to settle thinking you’ve arrived. No matter how great you currently think you are, you’re destined for more. Press on!

Stay blessed! You are destined for great things. When adversity sets in, press on! You are of far too great import to settle for anything less than that which you were intended. Press on!

The Breaking Point

The Breaking Point

Do you know the value in having been sick before?

How about the value in having been broken hearted?

What about the value in having been betrayed or rejected or lied about?

The value is…you survived. You’re still here. You made it.

Sometimes life doesn’t unfold according to our expectations. Sometimes it sideswipes us and leaves us reeling in grief or despair. And, unfortunately, many of us choose to quit in these moments.

But, not you!

You’ve been penniless before and you survived.

You’ve cried all night and you survived.

You’ve been destitute and you survived.

Everything you’ve gone through in the previous phases of your life has perfectly prepared you for this next phase. You’re on the verge of a glorious breakthrough, but first you must master the breaking point.

How you manage the next few months of your life will determine the next few years of your life. The luring predictability of ordinariness will forever seek to entice you back into the familiar, but you mustn’t succumb. Press forward. Always move forward and, eventually, you will break through into the next dimension of who you are. Do you believe that?

Speaking of belief, what DO you believe?

Belief is a key component to unlocking the door to the life that you envision for yourself and long to live.

What is your philosophy? What do you live by? What’s your mantra, your purpose, your vision, and your goals?

What do you believe?

Do you believe that you can do anything? Do you believe that you can do anything but fail as long as you don’t quit?

Say it, “I can do anything as long as I don’t quit”.

Wouldn’t it feel great to actually believe that? How do you suppose you’d sleep tonight if you believed that? Wouldn’t you walk a little taller if you believed that? What would you do tomorrow if you believed that?

Can you imagine how different your job interview would have gone if you really believed that?

Now imagine if, as a young child and every day since, you were told, “you can do anything as long as you don’t quit”. How different might your life look today?

The predicament that you are in right now does not define your destiny.

Every time fear or doubt whispers…

“You can’t do this”

“You’re going to fail.”

“You’re going to end up like your mom.”

“You’ll never make it through this.”

You need to talk back to those voices, countering them with the truth of who you are and remind yourself in the process that you can do anything but fail as long as you don’t quit.

Mastering the breaking point is a necessary prerequisite to gaining the massive success destined for you. You absolutely must master the breaking point. You must press through. You must never quit.

How many people hit the breaking point and run away? Too many. The pressure sets in and they decide “this is too stressful”, “this is too emotional”, “this is too hard”.

You cannot be a champion until you’ve survived the breaking point. Do not walk away.

As you approach the breaking point, make sure you’re not alone. Fear loves isolation. Doubt loves solitude. Surround yourself with the support you’ll need to press through into the next dimension of who you are.

Remember, you’ve endured sickness and you survived. You’ve endured heartache and you survived. You’ve endured betrayal and you survived. You absolutely have what it takes to survive this next breaking point.

Take a moment, now, to remind yourself of who you are and what you possess. List five excruciatingly difficult life-experiences that you have survived. Beside each of those experiences, write two positives that came as a direct result of that trial. Meditate on that second list of positives and you will find yourself strengthened to carry on towards your next victory.

Motherhood & Your Identity?

Motherhood & Your Identity?

Have you lost your identity in motherhood?

So many people are desperate to find purpose and meaning in life. They search in vain outside of themselves, missing the fundamental guide which is discovering and celebrating their personal identity.

Compound this predicament with the extraordinarily sacrificial role of motherhood and finding the meaning of one’s life can prove a truly daunting task.

Can you relate to this? Are you asking questions like, Is this all that I’m supposed to be doing with my life? What am I capable of? Can I still do that? What do I love? What am I passionate about? What is my destiny? Who am I?

In this age of social media, we’re bombarded with images that convey, “The grass is greener over here. I’ve got this motherhood thing figured out. Looking great and living the good life is really no big deal”. It’s no wonder we long for Jaclyn’s hair and Rebecca’s wardrobe and Samantha’s new car and Jasmine’s extraordinary travels and Elsie’s passionate marriage.

When we discover who we are and how we’ve been intricately designed and purposefully equipped by the hand of heaven to fulfill a distinct calling, we’ll cease gazing longingly at the lives of others.

Really, what social media shows us are the highlights of other people’s lives. We’re privileged with a momentary glimpse and rarely exposed to the monotony of everyday life.

Time spent gazing longingly into another person’s life, is time spent outside Destiny’s design for you. You’ve been perfectly fashioned and perfectly equipped to fulfill your purpose, not someone else’s. So, when you assess your life in light of another’s, you’re actually comparing tulips to tigers or eggs to iguanas. A tiger isn’t expected to expose the same glory as a flower. Likewise, you’re not expected, nor do you have the capacity, to expose the glory of some other mom or woman. In trying to do so, you simply compromise the unique glory that is you.

The first step in achieving or regaining a sense of identity in motherhood is to stop longing for what other women seem to have. Stop wanting to be someone other than your priceless self. The reward and fulfillment of your life is wrapped up in the most authentic expression of yourself.

In case you’re asking, “What is the most authentic expression of myself,” I can tell you that it’s not the job you used to have or the professional title you once held. It’s not the hobbies you used to have time for or the way you used to dress and do your hair. You, yourself, preceded all those things.

You were strategically placed into this moment of history in your gender, with your ethnic makeup and particular gifting to fulfill Destiny’s grand purpose. You were not arbitrarily chosen. You were perfectly chosen. No one else can fulfill what’s been written on your life. No one else can carry it full term. No one else can manage and execute it quite like you. This glory is reserved specially for you.

Everything about you was necessarily designed with the utmost care and precision for the fulfillment of your purpose. This doesn’t mean that you’re impervious to mistakes and shortcomings. It simply means that your mistakes and shortcomings can’t derail your destiny.

Now, back to the question of Have you lost your identity in motherhood?

The answer is a resounding NO! But, you have entered into a new season of your life – a season that could last for decades.

That statement isn’t meant to overwhelm you, it’s meant to expand your vision and perspective. Your destiny and purpose were not put on hold at the onset of motherhood. They simply received greater means through which to manifest the glory that is you. Allow me to elaborate…

The power of Eternity is forever hovering amid the chaotic monotony that is motherhood. Your challenge is to remain open to extraordinary power-encounters even amid the mundane. Destiny seeks to collide with your inherent potential in the most unsuspecting moments of life. Practically speaking, what does this look like?

I’m so glad you asked..a collision with Destiny looks like a big hot mess, like your carefully laid plans have come to ruin and your eagerly anticipated future lies in jeopardy. Destiny is not for the faint of heart.

So many of us are gripped by a sense of inadequacy because we compare the appearance of our life to an idea of what our life should be in light of what we’ve seen projected by others through social media and other large scale outlets. But, the truth is, these constructs (however attractive) are too small to be the extravagantly lavish work of Destiny.

Herein lies another rub of social media – it encourages small dreams and attainable goals. You witness the seemingly attractive life of another mom, compare yourself to her portrayal, and then wish for the life she portrays.

By no means do I mean to discourage your planning and dreaming. Quite the contrary. Have a process in mind. Entertain your vision. Just don’t allow the unavoidable constraints of your human conjurings to degrade the absurdly extravagant plan of Destiny for your life. You, in your humanity, haven’t the capacity to conceive of the lavish abundance set aside for you and the unfolding of your grand story.

Whatever notion you have for your future is, to some large extent, a construct of expectations formed according to what you’ve witnessed in observing the lives of others and, for this reason, it is too small. Honestly, how many people do you know that you can confidently say are living out their destiny? Not many, right? This is true of the people you see online too. Very few people are willing to abandon themselves to the mystery of Destiny’s course and, consequently, live a life much smaller than the one for which they were intended.

Know this, one divine moment orchestrated by Destiny can radically transform the entire fabric of your life and override a lifetime of careful planning. You mustn’t worry. You mustn’t fear that your opportunity has expired. Destiny isn’t done with you. In fact, even now, at this very moment, Eternity is working to unfold extraordinary promise and purpose in your life, which includes igniting your next generation towards the glory that is their future and their promise.

Your everyday moments are preparing you for extraordinary exploits. Your character is being developed in this moment. Integrity is being cultivated in this moment. Your authentic self is being nurtured in this moment. Everything that is truly you is being called to life in this moment. Destiny is examining this moment and gauging your preparedness for your next divine interruption. So, abandon yourself to the work of Destiny in this moment and every other unassuming moment in wait.

This is the second step in achieving or regaining a sense of identity. Brace yourself for the hot mess moments ahead. Prepare yourself today for those divine interruptions set to surface in your life. Cultivate a readiness and a willingness to yield to the mystery that is Destiny disturbing your plans and your goals. And, find comfort in this…your authentic self, the unadulterated you who exists without fear, regret, shame, or guilt dwells safely encased in the glory and promise of all that Destiny has for you.

You are not on this journey alone. Trust yourself and the ones you love to the plan of Heaven and you will find that even the wonders of social media cannot capture and convey the glory that is you and your life.

Before today comes to a close, list five qualities that you appreciate about yourself. Working from the top of the list to the bottom, take one listed quality each night and meditate on it. Speak it aloud three times and then sit in silence. Release your mind’s eye to the hand of Heaven, allowing Destiny to paint the beauty of that quality as it relates to you. Allow yourself to receive a vision or a word, some impression of the beauty that is intrinsically you – your true identity.

Fulfill Your Assignment

Fulfill Your Assignment

Making it to the end of your purpose, to fulfill your assignment, is more important than the assignment itself!

Do you agree with that last statement?

Most of us are very good beginners, but poor finishers.

The steps to fulfill your assignment are three-part. First, we must identify the purpose. This is usually not challenging because it stems from a need. For instance, what’s the purpose of building a home? To be shielded from the elements. What’s the purpose of the drinking glass? To contain and distribute beverages for quenching thirst.

Purpose is the ultimate original reason for the creation of a thing.

The second step in fulfilling our assignment is mission. Mission comes from purpose. It is the general assignment to fulfill that purpose. So, the mission to build a house comes from the purpose to not live outside. And, the mission to use a drinking glass comes from the purpose to contain and consume liquid for quenching thirst.

Thirdly, vision, is even more specific than purpose and mission. Vision is unique and customized. It is distinctive. Vision is a project that you see in your heart, placed there by Destiny for this present generation. That project is designed to fulfill a mission.

For instance, if your purpose is to not live outside in the elements and your mission is to build a house, then your vision will be of a particular house. You won’t want just any house. A toy home won’t do.  A 7 million dollar estate may be out of reach. But, something that can be built for $100 thousand dollars may be appropriate. Your vision won’t be of just any house. Your vision will necessarily be of whatever you can appropriately handle at your present stage.

A statement of vision must necessarily be built on an accurate assessment of your present capacity. For instance, a father to 4 – all under the age of 6 – may not presently have the capacity to handle the demands of a fixer upper in need of renovations and restorations. Instead, his unique, customized, distinctive vision may be of a low maintenance house, requiring very few repairs. He can literally see it and, therefore pass it on to the architect who will materialize the vision. In fact, the architect can make a model of the home even before construction begins because he understands the vision. The vision lives as a necessary precursor to the materialization of the thing.

When you have the vision, you can start working. Vision activates people. It puts them to work. It shows them where to go and what to do.

When the house is built, the mission is accomplished.

When you have covering or a roof over your head, the purpose is accomplished.

When you have what you want, the vision accomplished.

The vision is important. It’s what you see in order to accomplish what your desire, so that you can have what you want.

Destiny provides vision because vision provides diversity in unity. We all encounter the same needs that lead to similar purposes and similar missions, but none of the visions tied to these purposes and missions are similar. Some of us have settled for lives that look very similar to the lives of those around us, but the visions we hold are necessarily distinct to us individually.

Some of us travel through many places to get to our place of desire. My husband and I lived in 7 different homes in 10 years of marriage and still we’re not to our place of desire, but we’re on our way.

Every vision goes through phases. Where you’re living now may not be where you live for the rest of your life. But, stay there until Destiny prompts you to move on.

Sometimes we have to go through phases en route to our place of desire. It can take years. Some people won’t persist through the years. They’ll give up. They’ll give up on the seemingly slow progress and resign themselves to a life of no progress at all, a passionless life of acquiescence.

But if you understand vision, you’ll remain steadily on course to the place of your desire.

Your vision will not prove to be false.

Even if it tarries, wait for it.

It shall come to pass.


Welcome back to Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom with Sara Wasser.

I thought of you today as a song entitled “Rescue” came over the speakers of my car. I listened to the lyrics and thought, “This is good. I need to share this.”

Set aside 5 minutes today to listen to this song with your eyes closed. Let the lyrics penetrate your thoughts and take captive your imagination so that you can hear and envision the words as a personal message to you from Destiny.


You are not hidden

There’s never been a moment

You were forgotten

You are not hopeless

Though you have been broken

Your innocence stolen

I hear you, whisper underneath your breath

I hear your SOS, your SOS

I will send out an army to find You,

In the middle of the darkest night

It’s true, I will rescue you

There is no distance

That cannot be covered

Over and over

You’re not defenseless

I’ll be your shelter

I’ll be your armor

Whether you’re presently experiencing a mountain top moment in life or a pitfall, it’s always good to be reminded of Heaven’s extravagant heart for you. You’re not alone on this journey.

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