How To Accelerate Your Purpose On Earth

How To Accelerate Your Purpose On Earth

As you continue embarking on the discovery of your purpose on earth, allow me to offer this perspective…

Access to certain resources can accelerate your purpose on Earth.

Destiny is the author of provision and, therefore, desires to see us graduate from the natural operations of survival into the supernatural operations of abundance.

Many of us, myself included, have identified with a scarcity mindset for so long that we have to actively assume a new perspective concerning certain resources, namely money, before we can begin to live and model a healthy financial life. In the words of Dave Ramsey, You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.

Every country and every people group is looking for resources and money to solve significant problems. Without exception, finances are an accelerant to solving problems. However, to gain a solution of permanence, we must also rely on relationship to solve problems.

The world yearns for the love of Heaven. Finances and resources help us to be effective conduits of the tangible affection of Heaven in individual lives. This is effective relationship.

We have a responsibility to create and multiply resources in our lifetime, bettering the quality of life for those who follow. However, many of us are not thinking of risking, investing, multiplying, and leaving a real inheritance. How might our attitude and approach towards money change if we began to live as though we’ll never die! Perhaps we’d be inclined to grow and invest the resources divinely entrusted to us for the betterment of history and humanity. In the words of Robert Kiyosaki, It’s not how much money you make but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.

The world around us is waiting for people who have the resources and connections to finance growth. Producing and offering the resources that solve society’s problems is how we can actively participate in the design of Heaven to bless history and humanity.

Even before you have monetary wealth, you possess the most precious commodity – time. You can value both the poorest and the richest in your circle with your time.

But, If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents. Value what you know and start charging for it. – Kim Garst

Once you gain a proper appraisal of yourself and of your time, people will understand that they are blessed to be gifted with it. To illustrate my point consider this…Imagine that it’s time for your 20 year high school reunion. You’re in Bloomingdale’s looking for a dress. You find a beautiful one. It’s on sale, marked down to $100 from $250. As you continue to look around, you find another lovely dress. This one is also on sale for $100, marked down from $1000. You try on both dresses. They both fit well and are extremely flattering on you. Which one do you prefer? Which one do you buy? Of course, you buy the one that originally cost more. Why? Because the price tag revealed it’s high value, which compels you to value it highly as well. Like the original price tag, our attitude towards ourself reveals our self-worth and, in turn, informs the world around us how to value us too. Be your own promoter and help the world appropriately relate to you so that when you have time to give, it is highly valued.

Choose Generosity

Choose Generosity

Jack Welch, one of the most famous business personalities in history, was asked how he knew when someone was ready to be promoted to senior leadership or management. He responded, “I look desperately for the generosity gene. A characteristic of people who love to see others promoted, love to see others grow, love to see others’ ideas come out and don’t ever steal them. You will do so much more for the people who care about your career and have your interests at heart.”

Think about who you want to entrust yourself to and follow. How’s their relationship with generosity?

Generosity plays a pivotal role in the lives of many highly satisfied and highly successful business leaders.

Generosity keeps you grounded in your love for others and it helps realign your priorities.

When we give to someone or something, our heart becomes captured and remains present in what we are giving to. Consider this: if you were paying to belong to one of the nicest golf clubs in your area, your heart would remain wedded to the progression of your golf game even if you were forced to take some time off for illness or injury. Why? Because you’d be paying a price to be a member and to play. That tying of your resources to your golf game, incentivizes you to make different choices in other areas of life that directly impact your game, like diet, wardrobe, follow through, and exercise. With every temptation that threatens the progress of your golf game, you risk violating your monetary investment. Without the investment, the incentive to practice, eat right, and exercise wouldn’t carry as much weight.

In short, it is within our best interest to live a generous life because it makes us present with the issues we give to and the reality of goodness.

What issue can you commit to be present with by giving to the cause?

This post was inspired by Shawn Bolz’s, 8 Keys To Kingdom Resources.


Who Will You Be Today?

Who Will You Be Today?

Have you shown up to life?

What do I mean?

Have the people around you met you? The real you?

Many people live on this earth and we never really meet them. We never see who they really are. They’re trapped in someone’s expectation of them. They’ve become someone else’s opinion of them. They never really release their true selves. They pass away having never really shown up.

Please, don’t leave this world before the world has an opportunity to enjoy and be enriched by the real you.

Who are you today?

Are you a victim of your high school grades?

Are you trapped by the peer pressure of your friends who won’t allow you to be yourself?

Are you a victim of the country club you’ve joined? Are you being who you think they’ll accept?

Who are you?

Are you enjoying the company of women who you really don’t like, but you want to be accepted by?

You don’t need someone else’s expectation or construct of you in order to get through life. That’s not life. That’s robbery.

Inside of you is trapped treasure meant to show forth the power and glory of Destiny. You are a heavenly masterpiece.

Every human being, all of us are walking buried treasure. To ignore a human is to scorn true riches.

Look in the mirror and speak aloud to your reflection, “I’m priceless! I’m full of treasure!”

Some of you think you know your spouse, but they’re not finished yet. You don’t know what they’re carrying. Their treasure hasn’t been tapped yet.

Look beyond people’s present state. They’re still being unwrapped. People are like onions. They reveal themselves one layer at a time.

One layer may reveal an alcoholic, but don’t throw them away.

Some layers, may reveal a rebellious teenager. Hang on! That’s only temporary. You haven’t yet met the great leader inside.

Some layers seem hopeless and so we reject them. But, they’re only layers.

Destiny picks up the onion, – the fugitive, the failure, the cheat – uncovers the layers and reveals the divine endowment within – the leader, the healer, the teacher.

Destiny specializes in garbage, in salvaging. Destiny takes your refuse through the refining flames of Heaven’s fire and brings about diamonds.

Some of you were told by a parent that you’d never amount to anything. All the while, Destiny laughs at such statements.

Some of you were labeled “stupid”, “slow”, “dull”, “hopeless”. Destiny is saying, “don’t believe the misconceptions of others.”

The greatest enemy of man is ignorance. It’s what we don’t know that kills us. It’s what we don’t know that destroys us. It’s what we don’t know about ourselves that actually compels us to walk away from the riches of who we truly are.

If you really understood Heaven’s high estimation of you, you’d realize you have no choice but to live out who you are, your true magnificent self.

Do us all a favor and live you. We need you and what’s buried inside you.

How To Break Destructive Dependency

How To Break Destructive Dependency

Will Destiny allow us to lose something in order to remind us of our true source?

Would heaven take everything away to bring to mind our true Cosmic Provider?

What is your source?

Where is your source?

When your local grocery store runs out of butter, what do they do? Do they make more? No, obviously not. They go to the Dairy. They go to the butter source.

If you’re in need of butter [or anything else for that matter], I recommend you find a way to get to the source. Cut out the middle man. Why?

Imagine the pickle you’d be in if you were dependent on the grocery store for your butter and then the grocery store closed down.

Some of us depend on people the way that we depend on our grocery store for butter.

They’re not our source but we esteem them as though they are.

We maintain unhealthy relationships believing we need what they have to offer. We see them as a source.

We keep the destructive job because we think we need their compensation. We view it as a source.

In actuality, people and human agencies are not your source. They are channels. Like the grocery store delivers butter from the true butter source, people serve as channels through whom the products of heaven are delivered to earth.

People are not your source.

Your job is not your source.

What might happen if we operated with the consciousness of heaven as our source for everything that earth delivers to us?

Heaven is the dairy. Earth is the grocery store.

Earth might run out of stock, but you’ve learned to go straight to your source so it doesn’t matter. The ebb and flow of earthly provision doesn’t affect you.

Is your company downsizing?

Has your wife or husband threatened to leave?

Where’s your dependency?

Will heaven test you to reveal where and in whom you’ve invested your faith?

Get to know your source. Let your faith rest in the faithful provision of Destiny for when you do, you will find your burdens light and your yoke easy.


What Do They Have In Common

What Do They Have In Common

What do M.C. Escher, Denzel Washington, Mary Lambert, Nelson Mandela, and Winston Churchill have in common?

M. C. Escher was a Dutch graphic artist who remained mostly neglected by the art world until well after his death. In the twenty-first century, he became more widely appreciated, with exhibitions across the world.

Denzel Washington Jr. is an American actor, director, and producer. He has received three Golden Globe awards, a Tony Award, and two Academy Awards.

Mary Danielle Lambert is an American singer, songwriter and spoken word artist.

Nelson Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, and philanthropist who served as South Africa’s first black head of state.

Sir Winston Churchill was a British politician, army officer, and writer, who served twice as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and led Britain to victory in the Second World War.

Again I ask, what do these people have in common? The answer might surprise you.

Each of these five lives is marked with an unwavering commitment to their distinctly authentic journey.

Escher’s mathematical work garnered him a lasting lack of esteem within the art world. Even as the public loves his use of perspective, the traditional art world considers his work too intellectual. Still, Escher never strayed from his unique artistry. He never sacrificed his distinction in the name of acceptance and assimilation.

Denzel Washington is a beacon of integrity and commitment in the Hollywood culture. A review of his life shows an unparalleled level of commitment to all he lends himself to. Married for 35 years to the same woman, a father to 4, an accomplished and celebrated actor. He’s a philanthropist and an advocate. He’s expressly committed to God and seeks Heaven in all his pursuits. His life is rife with excellence even within a culture marked with farcicality and disingenuity.

Mary Lambert was raised as a Pentecostal, but her family was expelled from the church when she was six after her mother came out as lesbian. Lambert later became an Evangelical Christian. She struggled for years to reconcile her Christianity and her sexuality as a lesbian. Even in the face of criticism against her faith and her sexuality, she has maintained both. The faith of many would have wavered with the public reproof of an entire community. Nonetheless, Mary persists in her commitment to her faith.

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison paying the cruel cost for his belief in the equality of all humanity. He was absolutely unwavering in his mission to better life for his people. Mandela was an accomplished man. He had earned a good life for himself. He could have lived comfortably and quietly. Instead, he elected to honor his authentic journey as a voice and liberator for his people. His commitment was unwavering to the point that he suffered the loss of time with his family and much of his life.

During an extremely tense cultural climate within Britain, Churchill acted against public sentiment, rejecting a negotiated peace with Hitler’s Germany. Though, himself, pessimistic at times about Britain’s chances for victory, Churchill never relented in his resolve. His commitment wasn’t subject to the approval of the mass.

What does all this have to do with you?

You may not be an award-winning actor like Denzel or a transformational leader like Mandela, but you are distinctly destined for great things.

Conformity beckons to us all, even to the Mary Lamberts of the world. It whispers surly accusations of unbecoming idiosyncrasies and dares us to betray any hint of authenticity, any flame of passion. I’m not referring to the alluring distractions that temporarily remove us from the dissatisfactions of life. No. Your passions are those things, those ways of being, that arrest your heart and compel you toward large dreams of a promising future – a future characterized by fulfillment, satisfaction, and realized purpose.

In the face of conformity, the challenge becomes living transparently and authentically. The entire tide of humanity seems to swim uniformly downstream, while Destiny calls you upstream. Neighboring voices ridicule your choice. Those professing to know you so well dismiss any evidence contrary to their construct of you and, in so doing, demean your aspirations toward authenticity.

Even still, Destiny beckons you to trod on.

What might have happened if Churchill surrendered to conformity? What if he had yielded to the ridicule of surrounding voices?

Let the close of your time here on Earth be characterized by a consummate peace. Let the naysayer’s talk be to you as the dog’s bark. Night after night he wails his accusations at the moon and the moon just shines in reply.

Likewise, let your flame’s flicker shine into the dismal uniformity of those traveling downstream.

Your flame, your passion, is your intended unique mark on history and humanity. Truly! When you elect to share your flame you in turn unleash Destiny’s touch through you, compelling others toward the rich reward of an authentic life.

Certainly for the sake of yourself, but also to honor Destiny’s design, purpose to live authentically. Hold true to your affections regardless of outside voices. You have no idea of the implications of your unwavering commitment. You are a history maker and life transformer.

Today, how will you demonstrate your commitment to your distinctly authentic journey?

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