How To Manifest Your Destiny

How To Manifest Your Destiny

Do you know how to manifest your Destiny? Do you know Destiny’s will for your life? It’s simple.

Destiny’s will for your life is that you prosper in every way and that your body keep well, even as your soul keeps well and prospers.

What does it mean to prosper? It means being successful in every endeavor of life. It’s having success.

So then, Destiny desires for you to experience success in every way, including your health, even as your soul keeps well and prospers. Your success, then, in any area of life is going to be based on your soul’s success.

What is your soul?

Many confuse their soul for their spirit or they think that the two are interchangeable. They’re not.

You are a spirit, you possess a soul, and you live in a physical body. This is often referred to as the tri-part being of an individual.

Your soul is the part of you where thinking takes place. It’s your place of emotion and reason. It absorbs information from your five senses and crafts your thoughts accordingly.

In turn, these thoughts inform your heart, which serves to craft your emotions and govern most other areas of your life.

Were you able to follow that? Inside your soul is your process of thought which affects every single area of your life.

Similarly, the words we speak determine the way we think and the way we think determines the way we feel. If we feel depressed, then we’ve probably been cultivating thoughts of heaviness and depression through the words we’ve spoken. We can usually trace our emotions back to the thoughts we’ve cultivated and the words we’ve spoken.

Now, why does any of this matter? It matters because the way we think sets the course for our entire life. So, it’s worth asking ourselves, “What am I thinking about? And, how long have I been thinking about it?” The thoughts we dwell on are the thoughts we grow. The things we focus on are the things we strengthen in our life.

If you focus on your past failures, your weaknesses, or your shortcomings then you’re going to grow those things in your life and, consequently, hinder your present success. As a result, your present circumstances will begin to look strikingly similar to past failures and you’ll begin to question your capacity for success. You’ll ask questions like, “Do I have what it takes?” And some of you will conclude, “No, I don’t have what it takes to succeed. Once again I’ve tried and failed. I give up.”

It’s important to know that we have an ally and an advocate in Destiny because sometimes we need help believing in ourselves.

Wrong thinking will lead to wrong living. If we don’t get our thoughts right about who we are, the potential we carry, and the success we’re destined for then we won’t see the manifestation of these things in our life.

Conversely, if we elect to speak according to Destiny’s will for our life, then we will see the manifestation of the success and prosperity authored for us.

The truth is, you’re destined for great joy and good success. Irrespective of your age, irrespective of your story your destined to prosper.

The strongest force in existence is the human will. Everyday we have the choice to align our will with the will of Destiny for our life or the appearance of circumstances through the thoughts we keep and the words we speak.

Destiny says you were born to succeed. You were born to prosper. Will you cultivate thoughts and visions of your success or will you dwell on thoughts of past failures? Will you speak of your inherent potential and unique capabilities or will you speak of disappointments.

For the next seven days, let’s commit to only speak well of ourselves and of our life. Before our feet hit the floor each morning, let’s speak five affirmations aloud over ourselves. And, as negative thoughts surface throughout the day, let’s refuse to give them voice. After seven days, I suspect we’ll see greater evidence of the good success for which we’re destined.

When Fear Says You Can’t Believe The Vision Of Destiny’s Promise Written On Your Heart

When Fear Says You Can’t Believe The Vision Of Destiny’s Promise Written On Your Heart

Certainly you’ve encountered circumstances in life that appeared contrary to the vision of Destiny’s promise you carry inside.

What did you do in these events?

And today, what do you do when it looks like the promise is not going to come to pass?

Isn’t that the mission of Fear – to get you to disbelieve the promise of Destiny for your life?

What happens when we choose to believe the surly accusations of Fear over and against the promises of Destiny? We grow weary with worry and heavily burdened with unfavorable considerations. Our imagination becomes preoccupied with negative prospects and our hope grows faint.

When we give ourselves over to Fear, we literally stifle Destiny’s promise and mission for our life.

How might we affect the affairs of our life if we elected to simply abandon ourselves to the promise we carry?

Now that sounds lovely, but what about real life?

In real life, or what we call real life, things like divorce happen. What are we supposed to do, practically speaking, when we see something contrary like a spouse leaving?

Our first step needs to be a check of perspective and emotions.

Fear is going to do what Fear does, inundate your senses. Thats the only way for Fear to get in, through your senses. Fear will always give you disheartening evidence of a compromised promise through the things you hear, the words you read, the emotions you feel, even the things you smell.

Do  you know why most of us struggle to believe our promise? Because appearances seem more real than what we can’t see written on our hearts

Unbelief comes in through our five senses.

The majority of people struggle with the challenges of unbelief from natural input.

Don’t get me wrong, our senses are a blessing. They help us to safely navigate the terrain of our natural life. For instance, if you smell smoke get out of the house.

But, they weren’t meant to govern our spiritual life, our real life.

Our senses bless us. They allow us to hear, taste, smell, feel, see the pleasures of this life. But, they don’t have the capacity to direct us through what’s really real, through the supernatural life.

What you take in through your senses shapes your expectations of life. What messages are you internalizing? Are they building faith in the promise or making it hard to believe in what you long to see manifest in your life?

There is a truth and it’s evidence is written on your heart.

There’s also fact. Facts can change. The facts that your senses report to you today will not be the same facts that your senses report to you next week.

Truth stays the same and is constant.

Facts change. Your authored destiny doesn’t change.

Most people are dominated by their physical senses.

What’s really real? Is your vision of touching and enriching countless lives real or is your negative bank statement more real?

Are you moved more by what you see and hear than what you believe about your promise?

What are you going to believe?

When circumstances seem contrary, speak the truth to yourself.

Choose the promise over the contradiction.

Choose the promise over the problem.

Choose the promise over the circumstance.

Use your free will to believe the promise.

Have you ever fasted for an extended period?

If so, how did your body initially respond? Did you get a headache? Did you feel weak? Did your body tell you that it wasn’t a healthy choice to abstain from food and drink? Were there thoughts of shutting down and thoughts of uncertainty?

And then what happened when you rolled into day 3 and 4? By then your body had quieted. The fear of starvation and malfunction were dispelled by your survival. You challenged the natural input of your body and survived. Next time will be far easier.

What’s my point? It’s this…sometimes we have to be willing to challenge the natural voices in order to reveal the permanence of the promise.

Challenge the natural voice of your circumstances and you will find your promise unrelenting and true.

How is Fear toying with the appearance of your circumstances right now? Whatever it is, I challenge you to actively counter the lie by speaking the opposite message aloud. If Fear says, “you’re going to lose your job” then you say “Destiny has already secured abundant provision for my life”. If Fear says, “you’re not good enough” then you say, “I’m the perfect person to fulfill my purpose. I’ve been chosen and equipped unlike anyone else to bless history and humanity in a way that no one else can.”

Destiny’s Image That You See In Your Mind Is Meant To Stir Eager Anticipation For The Manifest Reality

Destiny’s Image That You See In Your Mind Is Meant To Stir Eager Anticipation For The Manifest Reality

You have access to significant power, transformative power.

One of the most powerful tools you’ve been entrusted with is also one of your most under-used.

What is it?

It’s your image-maker. Your imagination.

It’s meant to bring into existence the things that already exist on the inside of you.

Get a picture of what you want to see in your life. See it. Study it. Speak it. Believe it.

And, it will come to pass.

Once you can see yourself doing it, you will see yourself living it.

Your imagination is your image-maker, intended to build the life you’re destined to live.

Why do we limit Destiny by trying to measure the set of circumstances that have to be in place in order for something to materialize when we’ve been given an imagination, an image-maker?

Get an image of who you are and the power you possess and no one and no set of circumstances will be able to stop you.

Destiny already sees what you’re building with your imagination as finished and complete.

If you can see yourself with it, if you can see yourself doing it then all the resources you need for it to be made manifest will come available.

What might happen if you begin to use your image-maker to manifest the vision Destiny placed inside you?

What’s your image? What is it that you see inside that you long to see externally too?

If you can see it, then nothing can restrain you.

For every one of our faculties, there is a designed intent, a divine usefulness. The divine purpose behind our image-maker is to manifest the unique vision that Destiny placed within.

Some of us feel unjustified in our pursuit of the good life we long to live. We’re compelled to settle for some lesser, seemingly more reasonable compromise. But, to compromise is to to mishandle our Divine endowment and negate it’s greater purpose.

You see, your vision isn’t about you. Yes, there’s immense reward and satisfaction in manifesting your vision, but that’s only because your destiny is tied to the manifestation of what you hold inside. The satisfaction and reward is simply meant to compel you towards the fulfillment of your purpose, which includes the release of Destiny’s gift to the world.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to cultivate your divine endowment to the point that you can see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, and feel it even before it comes to pass so that it does come to pass. You have an image-maker so that you can take your divinely entrusted vision and bring it to pass here on earth at this moment in history. That’s your mission.

What can you do to grow your vision inside?

Place post-it notes all over your house to build and strengthen the reality of what you see inside.

Place a note on your steering wheel that reads, “this car is paid in full.

Place a note on your checkbook that reads, “this account is overflowing with riches.”

Place notes all about your home that remind you, “this house is paid off.”

If you can see it, you can be it.

Write “debt free” on your bathroom mirrors to remind you morning and night of where you’re headed.

There’s nothing that can stop you if you can see it in your heart and believe that it’s yours.

Focus on what Destiny has said you’ve already got.

Destiny is for you.

The Way-Maker is for you.

The Image-Maker is for you.

The promise of Destiny inside of you shall come to pass.

What you spend your time focusing on the most is what you will see in your life. This is true for both positive and negative circumstances.

Have you ever been so riddled with fear over an event that your thoughts became absolutely consumed with visions of that negative circumstance? For instance, have you ever been told that your house was going to be repossessed? Has your checkbook every suggested to you that you won’t have what you need to pay the upcoming bills? Has your boss’s poor opinion of you ever given rise to the voice in your head that says, “you’re going to lose your job”?

In these events, did you focus on the negative news? Did the events come to pass? I bet they did.

The intended purpose of your imagination is to focus on and bring into view the image that Destiny placed inside you. Focus on the promise of Destiny, not the lies of fear.

Meditate on your vision until it becomes reality to you. Bring yourself into agreement with the promise of Destiny.

Meditate and you will bring forth the fruit of the vine of Destiny planted inside you.

What will you do today to cultivate and grow the vision inside of you?

Keys To Living Your Visiona

Keys To Living Your Visiona

Against hope, believe in hope.

When everything seems hopeless, believe anyway. Decide to live on the basis of what Destiny’s promise says you will do as opposed to what appearances say you cannot do.

When your hope in one area seems to run out, lean on the promise of Destiny.

What is this promise…it’s the vision inside. It’s that thing or way of life that captivates and enthralls you.

How often do you have to hope against hope? Every single time appearances seem contrary to the vision Destiny placed inside of you.

If your goal is to live the dream inside you, then you cannot afford to consider the circumstances that deny the promise.

Consider only the promise.

Say out loud, “I will not consider the contradictions. I will only consider the promise.”

You cannot be tempted with anything you don’t think.

Temptation cannot be a reality if you learn how things work in life and claim your authority.

Overcoming temptation, overcoming unbelief, overcoming failure starts in your thoughts.

You cannot be tempted to fail if you’re not thinking about it.

Take authority over your thought life.

Whatever you spend your time doing the most, whatever you spend your time giving your attention to the most will govern your life.

Change the way you think and you change the way you live.

Consider not the challenge or the circumstance, consider the promise.

Do you know what negative meditation is called? Worry.

When you meditate on the promise – that is, think on the promise, ponder the promise, examine the promise – you make your way prosperous and you have good success in the thing that you’re thinking on.

The opposite is true too. If you’re spending your time thinking on the negative circumstance, you’re going to be more flexible to do something that causes it to come to pass and your heart will become hard towards Destiny’s promise inside you. This is why we see so many people living a lackluster, predictable life doing what they hate for the majority of their day everyday. It’s because they’ve given greater concern and attention to their negative thoughts than to Destiny’s promise. They’ve done this to the point that their heart has hardened to their promise within. In fact, some hearts have grown so hard that they don’t even hope in the promise anymore. They can’t see the vision any longer. The dream has grown faint.

How’s your heart towards the promise Destiny placed within you?

You can’t be tempted with anything you do not think. Therefore overcoming temptation, unbelief, addictive behavior, failure begins in your thought life.

Overcoming anything begins in your thought life.

What have you been thinking about?

If your thoughts are only on your promise then all you’re going to be tempted with is to believe and trust the vision.

Are you satisfied with the amount of time you’ve spent thinking on your promise?

The promise is going to be a reality in your life when you give your attention to it. Consider it. Examine it. Plan for it. Ponder it. Study it. Deliberate about it.

But if your thoughts are on other things, then you will be tempted with those other things including unbelief, skepticism, failure, lack, sickness, etc.

This may sound harsh, but there’s a lot of unfavorable stuff in our lives that we authorize. We authorize it by choosing what to consider, what to think on. We’re considering the circumstance and the problem when we should be considering the promise, the vision.

Consider not the problem. Only consider the promise. Only consider the vision.

Get clear on your promise. Meditate on it. Print and hang pictures all around your home that remind you of your promise.

Write words pertaining to your promise on sticky notes and place them all about your house.

Read books that strengthen your vision of the promise.

Listen to speakers who’s words bolster your faith in the promise.

Watch programs that corroborate your vision.

Ponder and meditate on your vision of Destiny’s promise day and night, making sure you practice everything pertaining to it. Then, you will get to your manifest promise and experience good success.

Where’s Your Provision

Where’s Your Provision

Have you ever been told that Destiny has already supplied everything you will ever need to fulfill your purpose here on earth?

It’s true, everything you will ever need has already been set aside for you. But, its locked up in the heavenlies, in the dwelling place of Destiny.

Allow me to clarify, your provision is on earth in the physical but it only becomes activated to move toward you as you begin to move towards your purpose.

In other words, if you don’t begin to do what you were born to do then the provision for your purpose will not come to you. It’ll simply remain in wait.

Why, do you suppose, Destiny has already supplied everything you will ever need to fulfill your purpose here on earth?

Because Destiny chose you, or predestined you, before the foundation of the world.

To be ‘predestined’ means that your destination was set before your journey began. You were finished before Destiny began you. That means you are not an experiment. You are an adventure.

People who discover their purpose in life love living. When you know why you were born, you love to do what you were created to do.

Discover your destination and the journey will be fun. Even the potholes will prove worthwhile. You won’t be discouraged by detours if you know your destination.

You are not a mistake. You are not an experiment. Destiny is not playing games with your life. You were born and sent to this earth because there’s a specific thing that you’re meant to start that’s already finished.

When you get a picture of your destination, its called a vision. Every person reading this post has been given a vision for their life.

The problem is, when you see the vision, it’s so awesome that it compels you to call it a “daydream” or “fantasy”. You don’t see it as reality.

You’ve been conditioned by your society, community, parents, and family to not believe that your vision is real or that it’s possible.

Really, though, the thoughts of Heaven towards you are so awesome that if they were revealed to you, you wouldn’t believe they were possible.

You were chosen according to the plan of Heaven, who works out all things to conform to the purpose of Destiny.

All things are worked out to conform to Heaven’s purpose for your life. That means that whatever you are here to do, no matter what mistakes you’ve made, Destiny will work them in and make them a enriching elements to your story.

No matter how many times you fail, Destiny never gets upset. Your mistakes are a testimony that the power of Heaven can refine anything into the purest gold.

You are the workmanship of Heaven, created to do good works which were prepared for you before the earth began. The works that you were born to perform were already prepared long before you were conceived which means you were born to start something that was already finished.

There’s nothing accidental about your existence. Your life began with a race of no less that 500 million, with every contender vying for first place. Guess who won. That’s right, it was you. You are not one in a million. You are one in 500 million, chosen by Destiny for an extremely important role on earth at this distinct time in history.

Destiny watched the race and called out, “I want that one! I want you!”

Its absolutely impossible for you to be a mistake.

What step can you take today to begin to move towards your purpose and, as a result, activate your provision?

How To Break Destructive Dependency

How To Break Destructive Dependency

Will Destiny allow us to lose something in order to remind us of our true source?

Would heaven take everything away to bring to mind our true Cosmic Provider?

What is your source?

Where is your source?

When your local grocery store runs out of butter, what do they do? Do they make more? No, obviously not. They go to the Dairy. They go to the butter source.

If you’re in need of butter [or anything else for that matter], I recommend you find a way to get to the source. Cut out the middle man. Why?

Imagine the pickle you’d be in if you were dependent on the grocery store for your butter and then the grocery store closed down.

Some of us depend on people the way that we depend on our grocery store for butter.

They’re not our source but we esteem them as though they are.

We maintain unhealthy relationships believing we need what they have to offer. We see them as a source.

We keep the destructive job because we think we need their compensation. We view it as a source.

In actuality, people and human agencies are not your source. They are channels. Like the grocery store delivers butter from the true butter source, people serve as channels through whom the products of heaven are delivered to earth.

People are not your source.

Your job is not your source.

What might happen if we operated with the consciousness of heaven as our source for everything that earth delivers to us?

Heaven is the dairy. Earth is the grocery store.

Earth might run out of stock, but you’ve learned to go straight to your source so it doesn’t matter. The ebb and flow of earthly provision doesn’t affect you.

Is your company downsizing?

Has your wife or husband threatened to leave?

Where’s your dependency?

Will heaven test you to reveal where and in whom you’ve invested your faith?

Get to know your source. Let your faith rest in the faithful provision of Destiny for when you do, you will find your burdens light and your yoke easy.


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