Pursue Your Destiny

Pursue Your Destiny

Thank you for accompanying me on this new journey to pursue your destiny!

I’m reminded that everything we need to fulfill our destiny already abides within us. Like you, I carry a unique gift and calling meant to enrich the world. This is neither grandiose nor vain, its simply fact.

What’s more, it is of no credit to you. You did nothing to attain your high calling or its attributes. Likewise, mine is a product of Grace. This realization fully absolves me of all responsibility in knowing how to properly apply and fulfill my calling. That task belongs to Grace. The One who authored your calling will also perfect it.

So as we relinquish ourselves to the respective course of our destinies, let us commit to trust the infinite wisdom of the One who set the world in motion.

SFM and the Digital Experts Academy are my present stepping-stones to the better place my heart longs to experience. Given that you’ve elected to join me on this journey, you’re likely in a similar phase or contemplating a similar change.

Let me remind you, you already have everything you need to perfectly manifest your destiny. You have the strength, the discipline, the savvy, and the character to succeed and even excel at the good life fashioned specifically for you.

Let’s commit to waste no more time. Let’s live a life that ignites a flame of passion in our children. When they witness the contentment of a life well lived, every lesser alternative will hold no intrigue.

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