Do You Know The Cost Of Destiny?

Do You Know The Cost Of Destiny?

Have you received a vision for your Destiny? If so, then you know you’ve been forever pulled apart from the mass, from the status quo, from mediocrity.

The vision for your Destiny will make you feel like an outsider even in the midst of your peers.

Try all you want to fit in, but the vision is evidence that you’ve been set apart.

Set apart for what?

For the mountaintop.

The miracle of your metamorphosis doesn’t begin at the top of the mountain. It begins down in the valley, amid commonness. It begins at a place of decision, the decision to leave the pack, to leave the familiar for the sacredness of the divine.

Certainly, reward awaits your ascent, but so too does loneliness. The mountaintop exacts a price that many are unwilling to pay.

There is a struggle in being set apart, in being called up the mountain. The struggle is to think on the level of your calling because your situation cannot be elevated above your mentality.

You can have all the accoutrements to function on the level of commonness and all the cravings to live on the mountaintop. Imagine being stretched between what is before you and what is behind you.

Maybe you don’t have to imagine.

Are you being set apart?

When you’re called up into a high place, a very high place, you’ll experience every type of weather condition during your ascent. You won’t know what to pack or how to properly prepare.

Destiny’s ascent is not for the faint of heart.

If you want sameness and predictability, then stay down in the valley. The mountaintop holds too much mystery and uncertainty for safety-seekers.

Standing at the bottom of the mountain, looking up to the top, Destiny lets you see in a vision where you haven’t been and then leads you step by step. It’s a careful progression. Get there too fast and you might go into shock. Your mind might implode.

Life on the mountaintop isn’t easy. It requires special training and equipping. Trust me, it’s harder to be what you see inside, than you realize.

But, the challenge is tempered by reward.

Destiny is revealed in the high place of the mountaintop. You cannot grasp the essence of divinity in the valley amid commonness. Its in the struggle, in the storm, in the blowing of the wind, in the test, in the trials, in the frailty of life, in the fickleness of people, its in the brokenness of circumstances, in the fragment of the human heart…that’s where Destiny is revealed.

It’s in the storms of life that we glimpse heavenly glory. It’s when we think, “I’m being pulled apart”. It’s in the stretch of life that we behold the glory of Destiny.

Ascend your mountain to behold the glory of Destiny.

The mountaintop holds the secret to your potential. Ascend to find out who you are.

When you get to a certain level, everything will look very different. When you change, everything connected to you changes too. Its a metamorphosis, meaning it’ll be you, but not you. It’ll be familiar, but different. It’s a change in you from the caterpillar to the butterfly, same DNA but different presentation.

Some people will try to stop the process. They won’t understand the process. They won’t understand where you’re headed. They won’t understand what you’re becoming.

Just remember, the view from the top is worth the struggle of the ascent.

The mountaintop is not for the faint of heart.

Let’s build our resolve for our mountaintop with this simple exercise…imagine you are without limitation and restraint. The world is literally your oyster and playground. What would you do? How would you live? Who are you with? What are the thoughts of your heart? What are your inner most desires? Now, what price are you willing to pay to get there? Can you endure loneliness to get there? Can you endure isolation to get there? Can you suffer being misunderstood to get there? Can you survive heartbreak and betrayal to get there? If so, then you’ve already begun your ascent to the vision for your Destiny and your greatest challenge going forward is simply to persist irrespective of the adversity yet to arise.

Press on! Always press on!

Reasons To Move On

Reasons To Move On

I learned something today. I learned that adult eagles tend to be very reluctant to leave unhatched eggs even after their incubation period has expired. If some eggs don’t hatch, adults will initially continue incubating and then start spending longer periods off the eggs and eventually give up but remain in the area.

It can be difficult for an adult eagle to accept that some things won’t grow, that some things won’t progress as expected.

Can you relate?

One of the greatest challenges in life is knowing when to give up and walk away. In business, in relationship, in any pursuit, it can be difficult to confidently know when enough is enough.

Can you relate?

We ask ourselves questions like, “what if I invest more faith? What if I try harder? What if I give more time? What if I do this instead?…then maybe something will improve”.

Even after trying everything, some things won’t grow. Some things just won’t progress. What do we do in those instances?

We say, “I’m done. I don’t have any more to give”. Ah, how challenging that can be!

How do we walk away from something we’ve seen in our future? How do we walk away from what seemed to be the fulfillment of a dream? How do we walk away from what feels like a lifeline?

There comes a point where the eagle must give up. If the mother compromises her future and her destiny by laying on her dead history she will miss the opportunity to birth again.

We can’t afford to sit on what is dead. We can’t afford to lend ourselves to things that hold no life.

Your future and destiny are tied to no one and nothing. You can move on.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not advocating leaving difficult situations. I’m advocating leaving dead situations. There’s a difference. There are relationships worth fighting for. There are promises worth fighting for. There are dreams worth fighting for. And then there are those things that simply hold no life. If the life has expired, then the potential has expired as well.

Fight for the resurrection of what still holds potential and walk away from those things that now claim your life.

There are situations we’re called to walk away from but, for whatever reason, continue to grasp to in vain. As a result, they’re sucking the life from us. We’re confused. We’re tired. We’re heavy hearted. We’re sad. These are the symptoms of death. Where there is death in a situation, you will find that life is drawn from you.

Know when to move on.

If the eagle has tended well to her eggs, if she’s successfully hatched all the others, then she knows theres nothing wrong with her.

If you’ve done everything you can do and the situation has begun to suck life from you, then you have to conclude that its not you.

Your life is rife with evidence that you’ve successfully done it before and you can successfully do it again.

Resist the temptation to meditate on what seems like a failure.

Meditate on your successes. Meditate on the promises that still lie ahead.

Every eagle must come to a point of knowing when to move on and so must you.

We need to live like we know that our time is running out. We can’t stay around where life once was, but where it dwells no longer. Don’t miss where life is now.

What are you supposed to move on from so that you can advance into your future and all that Destiny has for you?

Bolster your strength and resolve with this simple exercise. Write down every past success you’ve experienced. Every single one you can recall. With your mind’s eye, revisit each one. Replay the event in your mind. Allow the emotion of each success to return. Sit with your eyes closed, reliving each experience. Do this for 5 consecutive days just before retiring for the night and you will find a renewed conviction to move on towards life and goodness.

8 Steps To Fulfilling Your Purpose

8 Steps To Fulfilling Your Purpose

What’s your vision for your life?

Some people naturally resent that question. Others are discouraged by it and then there are those who are provoked by it. Which are you?

Wherever you fall on the above spectrum, one thing is certain…your vision for your life is within you. Destiny has hidden your purpose inside you. So, your future is not ahead of you. It’s within you. An apple orchard is not ahead of the seed. The orchard is within the seed.

Destiny planted vision for your life within you so that it’s presence might provoke you towards it’s discovery.

The vision for your life is that lingering dream that continues to surface even from childhood.

The vision for your life is that stirring desire that faithfully resurfaces year after year.

Can you see it now? Has it just resurfaced?

Today, I heard it said that “a friend is anyone who is willing and committed to getting you to your destiny”. Let me, then, serve you as a friend by sharing the following 8 steps to fulfilling your purpose.

1. Capture your vision. You likely saw it flash through your mind’s eye already while reading this post. Return to it. Sit with it. Let it be without explanation or need for justification. Just let it be and receive it as it unfolds before your mind’s eye now.

2. Simplify your vision. Oft times, we’re inclined to think that our vision is silly. Our mind’s eye sees a ranch setting, a spectacular mountain-scape, and rolling green plains. In reply, our left hemisphere asks. “what does this have to do with anything? There couldn’t possibly be any value to this daydreaming.” But remember, the vision is like that seed buried deep in the soil of your spirit provoking you towards greater things and a more fulfilling life. Perhaps your “silly” mental image is the fodder necessary to stoke the flame of your inner drive. So, let your vision be without embellishment or explanation. Allow it to remain in its simple, unadulterated form.

3. Document your vision. This may prove challenging…Document your entire life purpose into one sentence. Your entire life into one sentence. Identify what you have to offer your generation and the world. Encapsulate it all within one sentence. As you do, you will find your vision growing remarkably clear.

4. Display your vision sentence. Throughout the spaces you occupy, display your vision sentence. In doing so, you’re training all aspects of your being (conscious and subconscious) to embrace and yield to your life vision.

5. Make a plan based on your vision sentence. In no way are you wedded to this plan, but once you’ve put pen to paper you’ve begun training your appetites to desire only those things that lend themselves to your life vision. You’re recruiting all areas of your life to support your purpose.

6. Revise your vision. From time to time, your vision will require a re·vision. This is your opportunity to evaluate whether you’re on course. If not, what changes need to be made?

7. Evaluate your vision. This is the time to ask yourself again, “Am I doing what I discovered that I’m here to do?” Your greatest enemy to a life fulfilled, a life ordered according to Destiny’s call, is distraction. Your greatest distractions are those good things that you lend yourself to that were never meant for you. Can you identify any such culprits presently in your life?

8. Vision comes in phases. Vision unfolds in phases and is fulfilled in phases. It’s a process requiring persistence, patience, and faith. Along the way, you will encounter ample opportunity to distract yourself with “good” things. However, a preoccupation with any good thing is no substitute for the right thing – that thing for which you were intended. Set about to please no one along the way. Seek only to be yourself. The greatest thing for you to discover is yourself. Your most recent success is not who you are, nor is the next. It’s important that you know this otherwise you may be inclined to settle thinking you’ve arrived. No matter how great you currently think you are, you’re destined for more. Press on!

Stay blessed! You are destined for great things. When adversity sets in, press on! You are of far too great import to settle for anything less than that which you were intended. Press on!

The Breaking Point

The Breaking Point

Do you know the value in having been sick before?

How about the value in having been broken hearted?

What about the value in having been betrayed or rejected or lied about?

The value is…you survived. You’re still here. You made it.

Sometimes life doesn’t unfold according to our expectations. Sometimes it sideswipes us and leaves us reeling in grief or despair. And, unfortunately, many of us choose to quit in these moments.

But, not you!

You’ve been penniless before and you survived.

You’ve cried all night and you survived.

You’ve been destitute and you survived.

Everything you’ve gone through in the previous phases of your life has perfectly prepared you for this next phase. You’re on the verge of a glorious breakthrough, but first you must master the breaking point.

How you manage the next few months of your life will determine the next few years of your life. The luring predictability of ordinariness will forever seek to entice you back into the familiar, but you mustn’t succumb. Press forward. Always move forward and, eventually, you will break through into the next dimension of who you are. Do you believe that?

Speaking of belief, what DO you believe?

Belief is a key component to unlocking the door to the life that you envision for yourself and long to live.

What is your philosophy? What do you live by? What’s your mantra, your purpose, your vision, and your goals?

What do you believe?

Do you believe that you can do anything? Do you believe that you can do anything but fail as long as you don’t quit?

Say it, “I can do anything as long as I don’t quit”.

Wouldn’t it feel great to actually believe that? How do you suppose you’d sleep tonight if you believed that? Wouldn’t you walk a little taller if you believed that? What would you do tomorrow if you believed that?

Can you imagine how different your job interview would have gone if you really believed that?

Now imagine if, as a young child and every day since, you were told, “you can do anything as long as you don’t quit”. How different might your life look today?

The predicament that you are in right now does not define your destiny.

Every time fear or doubt whispers…

“You can’t do this”

“You’re going to fail.”

“You’re going to end up like your mom.”

“You’ll never make it through this.”

You need to talk back to those voices, countering them with the truth of who you are and remind yourself in the process that you can do anything but fail as long as you don’t quit.

Mastering the breaking point is a necessary prerequisite to gaining the massive success destined for you. You absolutely must master the breaking point. You must press through. You must never quit.

How many people hit the breaking point and run away? Too many. The pressure sets in and they decide “this is too stressful”, “this is too emotional”, “this is too hard”.

You cannot be a champion until you’ve survived the breaking point. Do not walk away.

As you approach the breaking point, make sure you’re not alone. Fear loves isolation. Doubt loves solitude. Surround yourself with the support you’ll need to press through into the next dimension of who you are.

Remember, you’ve endured sickness and you survived. You’ve endured heartache and you survived. You’ve endured betrayal and you survived. You absolutely have what it takes to survive this next breaking point.

Take a moment, now, to remind yourself of who you are and what you possess. List five excruciatingly difficult life-experiences that you have survived. Beside each of those experiences, write two positives that came as a direct result of that trial. Meditate on that second list of positives and you will find yourself strengthened to carry on towards your next victory.

Fulfill Your Assignment

Fulfill Your Assignment

Making it to the end of your purpose, to fulfill your assignment, is more important than the assignment itself!

Do you agree with that last statement?

Most of us are very good beginners, but poor finishers.

The steps to fulfill your assignment are three-part. First, we must identify the purpose. This is usually not challenging because it stems from a need. For instance, what’s the purpose of building a home? To be shielded from the elements. What’s the purpose of the drinking glass? To contain and distribute beverages for quenching thirst.

Purpose is the ultimate original reason for the creation of a thing.

The second step in fulfilling our assignment is mission. Mission comes from purpose. It is the general assignment to fulfill that purpose. So, the mission to build a house comes from the purpose to not live outside. And, the mission to use a drinking glass comes from the purpose to contain and consume liquid for quenching thirst.

Thirdly, vision, is even more specific than purpose and mission. Vision is unique and customized. It is distinctive. Vision is a project that you see in your heart, placed there by Destiny for this present generation. That project is designed to fulfill a mission.

For instance, if your purpose is to not live outside in the elements and your mission is to build a house, then your vision will be of a particular house. You won’t want just any house. A toy home won’t do.  A 7 million dollar estate may be out of reach. But, something that can be built for $100 thousand dollars may be appropriate. Your vision won’t be of just any house. Your vision will necessarily be of whatever you can appropriately handle at your present stage.

A statement of vision must necessarily be built on an accurate assessment of your present capacity. For instance, a father to 4 – all under the age of 6 – may not presently have the capacity to handle the demands of a fixer upper in need of renovations and restorations. Instead, his unique, customized, distinctive vision may be of a low maintenance house, requiring very few repairs. He can literally see it and, therefore pass it on to the architect who will materialize the vision. In fact, the architect can make a model of the home even before construction begins because he understands the vision. The vision lives as a necessary precursor to the materialization of the thing.

When you have the vision, you can start working. Vision activates people. It puts them to work. It shows them where to go and what to do.

When the house is built, the mission is accomplished.

When you have covering or a roof over your head, the purpose is accomplished.

When you have what you want, the vision accomplished.

The vision is important. It’s what you see in order to accomplish what your desire, so that you can have what you want.

Destiny provides vision because vision provides diversity in unity. We all encounter the same needs that lead to similar purposes and similar missions, but none of the visions tied to these purposes and missions are similar. Some of us have settled for lives that look very similar to the lives of those around us, but the visions we hold are necessarily distinct to us individually.

Some of us travel through many places to get to our place of desire. My husband and I lived in 7 different homes in 10 years of marriage and still we’re not to our place of desire, but we’re on our way.

Every vision goes through phases. Where you’re living now may not be where you live for the rest of your life. But, stay there until Destiny prompts you to move on.

Sometimes we have to go through phases en route to our place of desire. It can take years. Some people won’t persist through the years. They’ll give up. They’ll give up on the seemingly slow progress and resign themselves to a life of no progress at all, a passionless life of acquiescence.

But if you understand vision, you’ll remain steadily on course to the place of your desire.

Your vision will not prove to be false.

Even if it tarries, wait for it.

It shall come to pass.

How To Have What You Long To See

How To Have What You Long To See

Are there any circumstances in your life that make you feel mocked and ridiculed? Circumstances that cause you shame and discouragement?

Are there issues in your marriage that you hope no one finds out about? Do you have struggles with your kids that seem to slap you in the face with insult and embarrassment?

Everyone has life to deal with. Everyone has issues to deal with. Everyone has frustrations and aggravations.

The problem is when these issues carry on.

Many of us have sought help for our issues. We’ve read books. We’ve attended workshops. We’ve joined groups, virtually and in person. We’ve gone to counseling and therapy. We’ve practiced daily affirmations and fasted. Even still some issues persist.

So, we learn to live with them. We develop pathologies and coping mechanisms to deal with these issues until finally they become “normal”.

There’s a peace in giving up, isn’t there? It doesn’t feel good to admit, but it’s true. There’s a calming escape that comes when you accept the issues you can’t fix.

“I guess I was meant to be single.”

“I suppose I wasn’t cutout to be a business owner anyway.”

“Well my mom always struggled with this so it just makes sense that I’d struggle too.”

And then Destiny interrupts your “normal” with a reminder of the life you once envisioned for yourself and it hurts. It hurts to be reminded.

You settled that hope and Destiny is calling you to hope again. But, can you? Can you bear to try again? Can you fight again? Or, is the peace of a settled and lost hope too alluring?

Either way, Destiny says, “Speak to your issues. Speak life into the issues that seem dead”.

It can be such a hard thing to do to initiate a conversation with something or someone that won’t reciprocate. You give and nothing is returned. You give and no acknowledgement is made. You give and nothing happens.

Who wants to love someone who doesn’t love in return?

Who wants to talk to someone who won’t respond?

Who wants to care for someone who won’t care for you?

Who wants to commit to someone who won’t commit to you?

No one! No one wants to do any of those things!

But then Destiny persists, “Can you love as I have loved you, with a relentless, inequitable love? Can you give as I have given to you? Can you commit as I have committed to you?”

It takes a lot of faith to give to something that’s not giving to you, to love someone that’s not loving you. Can you do it? Will you do it?

Sometimes the course we’re called to doesn’t feel fair, it doesn’t feel right. Sometimes we have to persist anyway, believing in the goodness of the promise of Destiny. Sometimes we just have to speak.

Do you know what happens when our hope begins to fade? We stop talking about it. We stop speaking about that thing we’d hoped for. We stop sharing our vision. We stop envisioning the life we once saw for ourself.

If you want to kill something in your life, good or bad, stop talking about it. Stop feeding the life-giving energy of your words to what you don’t want to see in your life. And for those things that need to be revived, speak to them. Speak of them. Feed them the fuel of your faith through the words you speak.

If a dream has died, it’s because you stopped feeding it your life-giving words.

Someone told you, “You’ll never own your own home” and you believed them so you stopped speaking about it.

Someone told you, “You’re not cut out to be a business owner” and you believed them so you stopped speaking about it.

Someone told you, “You’re too old to be married” and you believed them so you stopped speaking about it.

Speak to your dreams so that they may live!

Fate cannot redeem a situation that you have abandoned.

There’s so much power in your mouth, not even Destiny can override it.

Speak into existence what you long to see.

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