Who Will You Be Today?

Who Will You Be Today?

Have you shown up to life?

What do I mean?

Have the people around you met you? The real you?

Many people live on this earth and we never really meet them. We never see who they really are. They’re trapped in someone’s expectation of them. They’ve become someone else’s opinion of them. They never really release their true selves. They pass away having never really shown up.

Please, don’t leave this world before the world has an opportunity to enjoy and be enriched by the real you.

Who are you today?

Are you a victim of your high school grades?

Are you trapped by the peer pressure of your friends who won’t allow you to be yourself?

Are you a victim of the country club you’ve joined? Are you being who you think they’ll accept?

Who are you?

Are you enjoying the company of women who you really don’t like, but you want to be accepted by?

You don’t need someone else’s expectation or construct of you in order to get through life. That’s not life. That’s robbery.

Inside of you is trapped treasure meant to show forth the power and glory of Destiny. You are a heavenly masterpiece.

Every human being, all of us are walking buried treasure. To ignore a human is to scorn true riches.

Look in the mirror and speak aloud to your reflection, “I’m priceless! I’m full of treasure!”

Some of you think you know your spouse, but they’re not finished yet. You don’t know what they’re carrying. Their treasure hasn’t been tapped yet.

Look beyond people’s present state. They’re still being unwrapped. People are like onions. They reveal themselves one layer at a time.

One layer may reveal an alcoholic, but don’t throw them away.

Some layers, may reveal a rebellious teenager. Hang on! That’s only temporary. You haven’t yet met the great leader inside.

Some layers seem hopeless and so we reject them. But, they’re only layers.

Destiny picks up the onion, – the fugitive, the failure, the cheat – uncovers the layers and reveals the divine endowment within – the leader, the healer, the teacher.

Destiny specializes in garbage, in salvaging. Destiny takes your refuse through the refining flames of Heaven’s fire and brings about diamonds.

Some of you were told by a parent that you’d never amount to anything. All the while, Destiny laughs at such statements.

Some of you were labeled “stupid”, “slow”, “dull”, “hopeless”. Destiny is saying, “don’t believe the misconceptions of others.”

The greatest enemy of man is ignorance. It’s what we don’t know that kills us. It’s what we don’t know that destroys us. It’s what we don’t know about ourselves that actually compels us to walk away from the riches of who we truly are.

If you really understood Heaven’s high estimation of you, you’d realize you have no choice but to live out who you are, your true magnificent self.

Do us all a favor and live you. We need you and what’s buried inside you.

What Do They Have In Common

What Do They Have In Common

What do M.C. Escher, Denzel Washington, Mary Lambert, Nelson Mandela, and Winston Churchill have in common?

M. C. Escher was a Dutch graphic artist who remained mostly neglected by the art world until well after his death. In the twenty-first century, he became more widely appreciated, with exhibitions across the world.

Denzel Washington Jr. is an American actor, director, and producer. He has received three Golden Globe awards, a Tony Award, and two Academy Awards.

Mary Danielle Lambert is an American singer, songwriter and spoken word artist.

Nelson Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, and philanthropist who served as South Africa’s first black head of state.

Sir Winston Churchill was a British politician, army officer, and writer, who served twice as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and led Britain to victory in the Second World War.

Again I ask, what do these people have in common? The answer might surprise you.

Each of these five lives is marked with an unwavering commitment to their distinctly authentic journey.

Escher’s mathematical work garnered him a lasting lack of esteem within the art world. Even as the public loves his use of perspective, the traditional art world considers his work too intellectual. Still, Escher never strayed from his unique artistry. He never sacrificed his distinction in the name of acceptance and assimilation.

Denzel Washington is a beacon of integrity and commitment in the Hollywood culture. A review of his life shows an unparalleled level of commitment to all he lends himself to. Married for 35 years to the same woman, a father to 4, an accomplished and celebrated actor. He’s a philanthropist and an advocate. He’s expressly committed to God and seeks Heaven in all his pursuits. His life is rife with excellence even within a culture marked with farcicality and disingenuity.

Mary Lambert was raised as a Pentecostal, but her family was expelled from the church when she was six after her mother came out as lesbian. Lambert later became an Evangelical Christian. She struggled for years to reconcile her Christianity and her sexuality as a lesbian. Even in the face of criticism against her faith and her sexuality, she has maintained both. The faith of many would have wavered with the public reproof of an entire community. Nonetheless, Mary persists in her commitment to her faith.

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison paying the cruel cost for his belief in the equality of all humanity. He was absolutely unwavering in his mission to better life for his people. Mandela was an accomplished man. He had earned a good life for himself. He could have lived comfortably and quietly. Instead, he elected to honor his authentic journey as a voice and liberator for his people. His commitment was unwavering to the point that he suffered the loss of time with his family and much of his life.

During an extremely tense cultural climate within Britain, Churchill acted against public sentiment, rejecting a negotiated peace with Hitler’s Germany. Though, himself, pessimistic at times about Britain’s chances for victory, Churchill never relented in his resolve. His commitment wasn’t subject to the approval of the mass.

What does all this have to do with you?

You may not be an award-winning actor like Denzel or a transformational leader like Mandela, but you are distinctly destined for great things.

Conformity beckons to us all, even to the Mary Lamberts of the world. It whispers surly accusations of unbecoming idiosyncrasies and dares us to betray any hint of authenticity, any flame of passion. I’m not referring to the alluring distractions that temporarily remove us from the dissatisfactions of life. No. Your passions are those things, those ways of being, that arrest your heart and compel you toward large dreams of a promising future – a future characterized by fulfillment, satisfaction, and realized purpose.

In the face of conformity, the challenge becomes living transparently and authentically. The entire tide of humanity seems to swim uniformly downstream, while Destiny calls you upstream. Neighboring voices ridicule your choice. Those professing to know you so well dismiss any evidence contrary to their construct of you and, in so doing, demean your aspirations toward authenticity.

Even still, Destiny beckons you to trod on.

What might have happened if Churchill surrendered to conformity? What if he had yielded to the ridicule of surrounding voices?

Let the close of your time here on Earth be characterized by a consummate peace. Let the naysayer’s talk be to you as the dog’s bark. Night after night he wails his accusations at the moon and the moon just shines in reply.

Likewise, let your flame’s flicker shine into the dismal uniformity of those traveling downstream.

Your flame, your passion, is your intended unique mark on history and humanity. Truly! When you elect to share your flame you in turn unleash Destiny’s touch through you, compelling others toward the rich reward of an authentic life.

Certainly for the sake of yourself, but also to honor Destiny’s design, purpose to live authentically. Hold true to your affections regardless of outside voices. You have no idea of the implications of your unwavering commitment. You are a history maker and life transformer.

Today, how will you demonstrate your commitment to your distinctly authentic journey?

Moving On From Limiting Beliefs

Moving On From Limiting Beliefs

Today, a friend prompted a memory.

As my friend copied down the title of a book, the word motherhood left her with weighty emotions. She realized in that instance that she carries only negative beliefs concerning motherhood based on her poor childhood model. Immediately she committed herself to a transformation of mindset and perspective concerning motherhood. She is, after all, a mother. She’s a devoted, loving, hands-on, committed mother and, yet, she carries motherhood baggage.

So many of us carry baggage of some sort. Myself included.

My friend’s account prompted a similar memory.

During my undergraduate studies, I was assigned the task of writing out my name. At the time I still had two middle names. I wrote out all four names. Then, we were instructed to ponder each name individually and record any words, emotions, memories, etc. that came to mind.

In an instant, I saw that I held absolute contempt for my last name. I liked nothing about it and carried strong negative emotions towards it.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, my mother was a very secretive person. I really didn’t know her. I could describe her tendencies and share about her idiosyncrasies, but I didn’t know her. She was totally inaccessible.

At the age of 15, I decided to look in her forbidden armoire. This was a grave decision with potentially dire consequences. But, I had suffered her unwarranted wrath so many times prior that I figured I had nothing to lose. I was always in trouble for things I never did. The only difference on this occasion was that I’d suffer for something I actually did.

In the armoire, I found divorce papers. I learned that she had been married multiple times and was even still married to her last husband. I learned that she had two other children. I learn that she was ten years older than she claimed. I learned that she was German, not Swedish. I learned her actual first name. She used several. I learned that her given last name was not the name she wore. I learned that my last name belonged to her first husband, her Swedish husband, the father of her other children, a man I’d likely never meet.

This made me hate my last name. It didn’t belong to me. It wasn’t my story. I felt like an intruder into another family’s story.

It also made me realize that my mother had a full life, a full story and I really wasn’t part of it. These other people were characters in her story. They shared a life and a tale with her. We shared hardly anything. I felt like an unwanted waif without proper identity.

All these emotions surfaced that day as I pondered each of my four names.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Like my friend and myself, you carry baggage that has yet to be exposed. On some level you’re already aware of it.

These areas of baggage carry such weight because they affect our identity. They cause us to question our capacity in key areas of life.

Countless men wonder if they have what it takes to be “a real man”, if they can adequately support those who rely on them, if they’re strong enough to fulfill the roles they play at home, at work, and in life.

Many women struggle to feel adequate in the roles they fill in life, as well. They’re keenly aware of their short comings and struggle to see their strengths.

Past hurts and disappointments leave us apprehensively engaging life. We hold back because we don’t fully trust our capacity in certain areas, in the areas where we’ve been exposed to a powerful misrepresentation.

But, the truth is, your capacity wasn’t determined by your exposure and experience. Your capacity as a mother, as a father, as a corporate execute, as a business owner, as a friend, as a husband, as a wife, ad infinitum preceded life’s offerings.

You were born with the full capacity to successfully navigate life’s waters.

Granted, we all have areas requiring further development but we also have the ability to cultivate those areas. The capacity is there. You have what it takes.

If you have a longing to do or be something more, then lean in to that desire.

Inside of the baggage we carry is fear. It always boils down to fear, to a lie we’re believing about ourselves.

The only way to rid ourselves of this weighty companion is to address it directly.

Challenge the fear. Challenge the lie.

On the other side of fear is courage – the courage to do and be all that you long to do and be, all that you were created to do and be.

There is no strength in the lies we believe concerning ourselves except the strength of our belief.

You were created to live a long, good satisfying life. You are brimming with potential. You have absolutely everything you need to succeed at life, in every area of it.

How will you begin to dismantle a lie you’ve believed about yourself? What’s your first step?

You know, I never would have imagined that I had the capacity to be an online business owner. I thought I wasn’t relevant enough. I thought I had nothing of value to offer. I thought I didn’t have a business mind.

I feared failure. Fortunately, I had enough sense to confront these false beliefs and, because I did, I get to be home with my children doing what we love. Everyday is a memory-making opportunity. We travel liberally. We play at the parks. We visit extended family. We enjoy imaginative play. We do life together. If you’re looking to make a similar life change, then you may want to try what worked for me. Click here to submit your application for a free 30 day trial of our online training resources, showing you how to build your own successful online business with no prior experience.

Manage Disappointment

Manage Disappointment

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to make history by making change.

Now, be forewarned, change threatens tradition. You will encounter opposition. Fret not, that’s just tradition fighting change.

The kind of people that the world needs are the type of people that make things happen. That’s where planning comes in.

Your destiny is to be, right now, an agent of change. Can you see that in yourself?

You’re destined to be the one who makes things happen, a proactive initiator in life.

Your role is not to allow life to live you. You’re to live life. Life wasn’t intended to plan itself for you. You’re meant to plan life for yourself. That’s what Destiny wants for you.

So then, what about the change that comes to you? How do you handle the change that comes to you?

The greatest problem with change is that you know its inevitable. So, the best way to plan for it is to expect it. Avoid disappointment by expecting things to change.

Disappointment is simply the expectation that things will remain the same.

You thought your marriage would always be like the honeymoon night, but then it wasn’t.

You thought you’d always have six-pack abs, but then they disappeared.

You thought you’d always have a sharp mind, but then forgetfulness surfaced.

You thought owning your home would always feel as good as the day you signed for it, but then the pipes burst.

In other words, things change.

When my son was 3 months old, he was the sweetest prince. Four years later, he’s a prince with strong opinions and a mind of his own.

Plan for things to change and avoid disappointment.

The greatest protection against disappointment is the expectation of change. This year will be filled with change.

Prepare for everything to be upheaved. You may lose your job. Your business may collapse or it may turn around and double in profit. Something’s going to change. Expect it.

As the saying goes, plan for the worst and prepare for the best. Manage your disappointments.

Expect the best and plan for the worst and you’ll avoid disappointment.

Change is inevitable.

Do not dwell on the past. Destiny is doing a new thing. Can you see it? Change is coming and is here.

For some, you are the change agent and pattern interrupt. Expect opposition and press on.

For you, others are likely to bring the change. Expect it. Prepare for it.

SaraWasser.com exists to see individuals set free to be their truest selves, to live out their destiny. We believe that everyone possesses a unique gift and calling intended to enrich the world. Similar to our fingerprints, the intended impact of each and every person is unlike any other. When we encounter the freedom to live profitably, while also living authentically, the entire world benefits.

Rejection’s Most Guarded Secret

Rejection’s Most Guarded Secret

Have you ever experienced rejection? I have.

With my father already out of the picture, my biological mother gave me up to a coworker at the local diner when I was only a few days old. Later, at the age of 4 1/2 and without explanation, that family returned me to my mom.

Unfortunately, she was far too absorbed in her own unmet needs to find purpose in fulfilling those of her child. Her interest in me was transitory and typically overshadowed by resentment – the life of a single parent is challenging, after all. My mere presence compromised her personal life, proving her quest for love to be a quest in vain.

Much to my disappointment, I found Rejection lurking at the doorstep of many life stages. While still in my naivete, I had hoped to arrive to a place in life where Rejection held no ground. Of course, no such place exists.

Rejection is a fascinating foe and particularly keen at administering pain. It cannot, after all, operate independent of another. Perhaps that’s the rub of Rejection – it has to come through someone and, as a result, feels remarkably personal at every encounter. Is that why it’s sting seems to last a lifetime?

I’ve lived nearly 4 decades in the company of this adversary and, thus, come to know it well. Let me unveil it’s most guarded secret…it doesn’t know you.

Rejection’s sentiments, in truth, betray nothing of your value or worth. Rather, they expose the inner torment of the one resigned to deliver Rejection’s message.

What does it say of someone that they’ve yielded themselves to these administrations? Can the appraisal of such an individual be trusted?

When someone forsakes you, rest assured they never knew you.

When confronted with magnificent opportunity, Rejection’s former sentiments seem to arrest perspective. We diligently replay the broken record of false accusation and fallacious assessment and, as a result, progress halts, our knees buckle, and opportunity threatens to pass by.

What if we choose differently next time? What if we choose to pay little mind to these untruths that plague our progress?

Every time we yield to Rejection’s whisper, we strengthen its resolve and weaken our own.

Personally, I’ve come to a place of deliberate disregard for Rejection and its message. You might say that I’ve elected to reject Rejection and I invite you to do the same.

As you know, I’ve recently embarked on a new venture. I’ve engaged the boundless digital economy as a first-time online business owner.

Rejection said that I didn’t have it in me. It said that success would elude me. Rejection was wrong.

Don’t let Rejection’s flawed assessment hold you back from the infinite possibilities inherent in you. Pursue your destiny. Live the richly rewarding life for which you were intended by fearlessly confronting the lies of this faithful foe.

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