Making it to the end of your purpose, to fulfill your assignment, is more important than the assignment itself!

Do you agree with that last statement?

Most of us are very good beginners, but poor finishers.

The steps to fulfill your assignment are three-part. First, we must identify the purpose. This is usually not challenging because it stems from a need. For instance, what’s the purpose of building a home? To be shielded from the elements. What’s the purpose of the drinking glass? To contain and distribute beverages for quenching thirst.

Purpose is the ultimate original reason for the creation of a thing.

The second step in fulfilling our assignment is mission. Mission comes from purpose. It is the general assignment to fulfill that purpose. So, the mission to build a house comes from the purpose to not live outside. And, the mission to use a drinking glass comes from the purpose to contain and consume liquid for quenching thirst.

Thirdly, vision, is even more specific than purpose and mission. Vision is unique and customized. It is distinctive. Vision is a project that you see in your heart, placed there by Destiny for this present generation. That project is designed to fulfill a mission.

For instance, if your purpose is to not live outside in the elements and your mission is to build a house, then your vision will be of a particular house. You won’t want just any house. A toy home won’t do.  A 7 million dollar estate may be out of reach. But, something that can be built for $100 thousand dollars may be appropriate. Your vision won’t be of just any house. Your vision will necessarily be of whatever you can appropriately handle at your present stage.

A statement of vision must necessarily be built on an accurate assessment of your present capacity. For instance, a father to 4 – all under the age of 6 – may not presently have the capacity to handle the demands of a fixer upper in need of renovations and restorations. Instead, his unique, customized, distinctive vision may be of a low maintenance house, requiring very few repairs. He can literally see it and, therefore pass it on to the architect who will materialize the vision. In fact, the architect can make a model of the home even before construction begins because he understands the vision. The vision lives as a necessary precursor to the materialization of the thing.

When you have the vision, you can start working. Vision activates people. It puts them to work. It shows them where to go and what to do.

When the house is built, the mission is accomplished.

When you have covering or a roof over your head, the purpose is accomplished.

When you have what you want, the vision accomplished.

The vision is important. It’s what you see in order to accomplish what your desire, so that you can have what you want.

Destiny provides vision because vision provides diversity in unity. We all encounter the same needs that lead to similar purposes and similar missions, but none of the visions tied to these purposes and missions are similar. Some of us have settled for lives that look very similar to the lives of those around us, but the visions we hold are necessarily distinct to us individually.

Some of us travel through many places to get to our place of desire. My husband and I lived in 7 different homes in 10 years of marriage and still we’re not to our place of desire, but we’re on our way.

Every vision goes through phases. Where you’re living now may not be where you live for the rest of your life. But, stay there until Destiny prompts you to move on.

Sometimes we have to go through phases en route to our place of desire. It can take years. Some people won’t persist through the years. They’ll give up. They’ll give up on the seemingly slow progress and resign themselves to a life of no progress at all, a passionless life of acquiescence.

But if you understand vision, you’ll remain steadily on course to the place of your desire.

Your vision will not prove to be false.

Even if it tarries, wait for it.

It shall come to pass.

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