How much is this worth?

Thats right, $100…

Now, how much is it worth?

Yes, even after being crumpled up it’s still worth $100…

How about now, how much is it worth?

That’s right, it’s still worth $100.

How about you, how much are you worth?

Do you recognize your worth as inherent and unalterable?

Life experience often crumple us up. Tragedy rips us in two. And, as a result, we feel less than.

Experience tells us that our missteps, mistakes, and mistreatment devalues us and we often agree.

How is it that we permit trashed paper to retain it’s assigned value, when we don’t extend that same courtesy to ourselves?

When we acquiesce to the flawed valuations of others, we resign ourselves to a lesser life, to a life of mediocrity and commonness.

You are not common.

Inside of you is a gift to history and humanity. Destiny has purposed to do extraordinary things through you.

Your only task in life is to agree with Destiny’s high estimation of you and, subsequently, submit to the high calling placed on your life. It’s a calling of great joy and good success.

The life you’re meant to live is a good one, designed to honor you as a priceless product of heaven.

How might your life change if you chose to honor Destiny’s valuation of you irrespective of your missteps, mistakes, and mistreatment?

We honor the assigned value of paper. How much more ought we honor Destiny’s assigned value of ourselves?

Today, let your actions and words be in line with who you truly are as Destiny’s priceless design.

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