Are there any circumstances in your life that make you feel mocked and ridiculed? Circumstances that cause you shame and discouragement?

Are there issues in your marriage that you hope no one finds out about? Do you have struggles with your kids that seem to slap you in the face with insult and embarrassment?

Everyone has life to deal with. Everyone has issues to deal with. Everyone has frustrations and aggravations.

The problem is when these issues carry on.

Many of us have sought help for our issues. We’ve read books. We’ve attended workshops. We’ve joined groups, virtually and in person. We’ve gone to counseling and therapy. We’ve practiced daily affirmations and fasted. Even still some issues persist.

So, we learn to live with them. We develop pathologies and coping mechanisms to deal with these issues until finally they become “normal”.

There’s a peace in giving up, isn’t there? It doesn’t feel good to admit, but it’s true. There’s a calming escape that comes when you accept the issues you can’t fix.

“I guess I was meant to be single.”

“I suppose I wasn’t cutout to be a business owner anyway.”

“Well my mom always struggled with this so it just makes sense that I’d struggle too.”

And then Destiny interrupts your “normal” with a reminder of the life you once envisioned for yourself and it hurts. It hurts to be reminded.

You settled that hope and Destiny is calling you to hope again. But, can you? Can you bear to try again? Can you fight again? Or, is the peace of a settled and lost hope too alluring?

Either way, Destiny says, “Speak to your issues. Speak life into the issues that seem dead”.

It can be such a hard thing to do to initiate a conversation with something or someone that won’t reciprocate. You give and nothing is returned. You give and no acknowledgement is made. You give and nothing happens.

Who wants to love someone who doesn’t love in return?

Who wants to talk to someone who won’t respond?

Who wants to care for someone who won’t care for you?

Who wants to commit to someone who won’t commit to you?

No one! No one wants to do any of those things!

But then Destiny persists, “Can you love as I have loved you, with a relentless, inequitable love? Can you give as I have given to you? Can you commit as I have committed to you?”

It takes a lot of faith to give to something that’s not giving to you, to love someone that’s not loving you. Can you do it? Will you do it?

Sometimes the course we’re called to doesn’t feel fair, it doesn’t feel right. Sometimes we have to persist anyway, believing in the goodness of the promise of Destiny. Sometimes we just have to speak.

Do you know what happens when our hope begins to fade? We stop talking about it. We stop speaking about that thing we’d hoped for. We stop sharing our vision. We stop envisioning the life we once saw for ourself.

If you want to kill something in your life, good or bad, stop talking about it. Stop feeding the life-giving energy of your words to what you don’t want to see in your life. And for those things that need to be revived, speak to them. Speak of them. Feed them the fuel of your faith through the words you speak.

If a dream has died, it’s because you stopped feeding it your life-giving words.

Someone told you, “You’ll never own your own home” and you believed them so you stopped speaking about it.

Someone told you, “You’re not cut out to be a business owner” and you believed them so you stopped speaking about it.

Someone told you, “You’re too old to be married” and you believed them so you stopped speaking about it.

Speak to your dreams so that they may live!

Fate cannot redeem a situation that you have abandoned.

There’s so much power in your mouth, not even Destiny can override it.

Speak into existence what you long to see.

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