Against hope, believe in hope.

When everything seems hopeless, believe anyway. Decide to live on the basis of what Destiny’s promise says you will do as opposed to what appearances say you cannot do.

When your hope in one area seems to run out, lean on the promise of Destiny.

What is this promise…it’s the vision inside. It’s that thing or way of life that captivates and enthralls you.

How often do you have to hope against hope? Every single time appearances seem contrary to the vision Destiny placed inside of you.

If your goal is to live the dream inside you, then you cannot afford to consider the circumstances that deny the promise.

Consider only the promise.

Say out loud, “I will not consider the contradictions. I will only consider the promise.”

You cannot be tempted with anything you don’t think.

Temptation cannot be a reality if you learn how things work in life and claim your authority.

Overcoming temptation, overcoming unbelief, overcoming failure starts in your thoughts.

You cannot be tempted to fail if you’re not thinking about it.

Take authority over your thought life.

Whatever you spend your time doing the most, whatever you spend your time giving your attention to the most will govern your life.

Change the way you think and you change the way you live.

Consider not the challenge or the circumstance, consider the promise.

Do you know what negative meditation is called? Worry.

When you meditate on the promise – that is, think on the promise, ponder the promise, examine the promise – you make your way prosperous and you have good success in the thing that you’re thinking on.

The opposite is true too. If you’re spending your time thinking on the negative circumstance, you’re going to be more flexible to do something that causes it to come to pass and your heart will become hard towards Destiny’s promise inside you. This is why we see so many people living a lackluster, predictable life doing what they hate for the majority of their day everyday. It’s because they’ve given greater concern and attention to their negative thoughts than to Destiny’s promise. They’ve done this to the point that their heart has hardened to their promise within. In fact, some hearts have grown so hard that they don’t even hope in the promise anymore. They can’t see the vision any longer. The dream has grown faint.

How’s your heart towards the promise Destiny placed within you?

You can’t be tempted with anything you do not think. Therefore overcoming temptation, unbelief, addictive behavior, failure begins in your thought life.

Overcoming anything begins in your thought life.

What have you been thinking about?

If your thoughts are only on your promise then all you’re going to be tempted with is to believe and trust the vision.

Are you satisfied with the amount of time you’ve spent thinking on your promise?

The promise is going to be a reality in your life when you give your attention to it. Consider it. Examine it. Plan for it. Ponder it. Study it. Deliberate about it.

But if your thoughts are on other things, then you will be tempted with those other things including unbelief, skepticism, failure, lack, sickness, etc.

This may sound harsh, but there’s a lot of unfavorable stuff in our lives that we authorize. We authorize it by choosing what to consider, what to think on. We’re considering the circumstance and the problem when we should be considering the promise, the vision.

Consider not the problem. Only consider the promise. Only consider the vision.

Get clear on your promise. Meditate on it. Print and hang pictures all around your home that remind you of your promise.

Write words pertaining to your promise on sticky notes and place them all about your house.

Read books that strengthen your vision of the promise.

Listen to speakers who’s words bolster your faith in the promise.

Watch programs that corroborate your vision.

Ponder and meditate on your vision of Destiny’s promise day and night, making sure you practice everything pertaining to it. Then, you will get to your manifest promise and experience good success.

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