This is the continuation of a short series on Planning.

Planning is the management of that dynamic distance between your birth and your death. That distance varies for everyone. Still, the intended impact of each and every individual is meant to be everlasting.

This begs the question, How can I ensure that my eternal contribution to history an humanity is worthwhile?

The simple answer is, plan. Planning is simply applying purpose to time.

No matter what, Time will persist. Time is always present. Even after you expire, Time will carry on.

Planning is giving purpose and meaning to the portion of time entrusted to you. Does this sound easier said than done?

The truth is, you’re already doing it to some extent. For instance, have you ever made a grocery list for your trip to the supermarket? In doing so, you’ve documented a preconceived determination of how your time in the supermarket will be used.

Have you ever designed an itinerary for your travels? If so, then you’ve documented a preconceived determination of how your time traveling will be used.

Planning is your documentation of your preconceived determination of how your time will be used.

Time will come. Time always comes. However, when you put your plan to paper you make a declaration of how that time will be used as opposed to allowing Time to tell you what to do.

Without a plan, we can easily be persuaded to squander or waster our time. Without a plan, pointless conversations trail on. Without a plan, the route to our destination acquires pointless stops and detours.

To plan is to allow your clear sense of purpose to give meaning to unused time. You have a purpose and vision. You’re going somewhere. It makes sense, then, for you to harness and leverage time.

Let’s consider tomorrow. What will you do do with tomorrow? It’s unused at the moment. You’re not there yet. So, what are you gong to do with the 24 hours that begin at 12:01 tonight? Have you determined what that 24 hours will do in relation to your purpose?

Let’s reconsider our question from earlier, How can I ensure that my eternal contribution to history an humanity is worthwhile? Simple. Every day, plan at least one thing that will move you toward your purpose in life, your vision for the future. Maybe it’s a phone call that needs to be made or an email that needs to be written. Perhaps its a conversation with someone who has pertinent information. Whatever it is, let your time be determined by your purpose.

Time was designed to be our tool and resource. But for some of us, it’s become our dictator. Put Time in it’s place. It’s time you told Time how it’s going to be used and how it’s going to serve your purpose.

Harness the time that you have to draw you closer to your desired destination.

How do you plan to use today to move you closer to a life of purpose? exists to see you set free to be your truest selves, to live out their destiny. We believe that every woman possesses a unique gift and calling intended to enrich the world. Similar to our fingerprints, the intended impact of each and every woman is unlike any other. When a woman encounters the freedom to live profitably, while also living authentically, the entire world benefits..

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