I learned something today. I learned that adult eagles tend to be very reluctant to leave unhatched eggs even after their incubation period has expired. If some eggs don’t hatch, adults will initially continue incubating and then start spending longer periods off the eggs and eventually give up but remain in the area.

It can be difficult for an adult eagle to accept that some things won’t grow, that some things won’t progress as expected.

Can you relate?

One of the greatest challenges in life is knowing when to give up and walk away. In business, in relationship, in any pursuit, it can be difficult to confidently know when enough is enough.

Can you relate?

We ask ourselves questions like, “what if I invest more faith? What if I try harder? What if I give more time? What if I do this instead?…then maybe something will improve”.

Even after trying everything, some things won’t grow. Some things just won’t progress. What do we do in those instances?

We say, “I’m done. I don’t have any more to give”. Ah, how challenging that can be!

How do we walk away from something we’ve seen in our future? How do we walk away from what seemed to be the fulfillment of a dream? How do we walk away from what feels like a lifeline?

There comes a point where the eagle must give up. If the mother compromises her future and her destiny by laying on her dead history she will miss the opportunity to birth again.

We can’t afford to sit on what is dead. We can’t afford to lend ourselves to things that hold no life.

Your future and destiny are tied to no one and nothing. You can move on.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not advocating leaving difficult situations. I’m advocating leaving dead situations. There’s a difference. There are relationships worth fighting for. There are promises worth fighting for. There are dreams worth fighting for. And then there are those things that simply hold no life. If the life has expired, then the potential has expired as well.

Fight for the resurrection of what still holds potential and walk away from those things that now claim your life.

There are situations we’re called to walk away from but, for whatever reason, continue to grasp to in vain. As a result, they’re sucking the life from us. We’re confused. We’re tired. We’re heavy hearted. We’re sad. These are the symptoms of death. Where there is death in a situation, you will find that life is drawn from you.

Know when to move on.

If the eagle has tended well to her eggs, if she’s successfully hatched all the others, then she knows theres nothing wrong with her.

If you’ve done everything you can do and the situation has begun to suck life from you, then you have to conclude that its not you.

Your life is rife with evidence that you’ve successfully done it before and you can successfully do it again.

Resist the temptation to meditate on what seems like a failure.

Meditate on your successes. Meditate on the promises that still lie ahead.

Every eagle must come to a point of knowing when to move on and so must you.

We need to live like we know that our time is running out. We can’t stay around where life once was, but where it dwells no longer. Don’t miss where life is now.

What are you supposed to move on from so that you can advance into your future and all that Destiny has for you?

Bolster your strength and resolve with this simple exercise. Write down every past success you’ve experienced. Every single one you can recall. With your mind’s eye, revisit each one. Replay the event in your mind. Allow the emotion of each success to return. Sit with your eyes closed, reliving each experience. Do this for 5 consecutive days just before retiring for the night and you will find a renewed conviction to move on towards life and goodness.

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