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Dream Interpretation

Dreams are one of the ways that Heaven speaks to us and as we lend ourselves to understanding our dreams, we find clues to our destiny. Though everyone has dreams, few people actually understand them. Together with you, we explore your night stories and receive deeper insight for your everyday life.

Mother / Father Blessing

The Father / Mother Blessing is another way to receive from Heaven. Many of us carry burdens arising from our childhood or adult relationship with our parents. Destiny desires our healing and wholeness. Through the guidance of the Spirit, we work with you to remove burdens and hurts impacting your relationship with Destiny, enabling you to receive the revelation of your true identity.
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Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual cleansing brings freedom and joy to the spiritually oppressed. Spiritual cleansing often leads to an immediate inner clarity and peace. Relationships also show improvement. Occasionally there is even physical healing.

Tattoo Interpretation

Quite often there are hidden messages behind tattoos and piercings! Let us help you discern Destiny’s messages and promises written on your body.
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