Do you know the value in having been sick before?

How about the value in having been broken hearted?

What about the value in having been betrayed or rejected or lied about?

The value is…you survived. You’re still here. You made it.

Sometimes life doesn’t unfold according to our expectations. Sometimes it sideswipes us and leaves us reeling in grief or despair. And, unfortunately, many of us choose to quit in these moments.

But, not you!

You’ve been penniless before and you survived.

You’ve cried all night and you survived.

You’ve been destitute and you survived.

Everything you’ve gone through in the previous phases of your life has perfectly prepared you for this next phase. You’re on the verge of a glorious breakthrough, but first you must master the breaking point.

How you manage the next few months of your life will determine the next few years of your life. The luring predictability of ordinariness will forever seek to entice you back into the familiar, but you mustn’t succumb. Press forward. Always move forward and, eventually, you will break through into the next dimension of who you are. Do you believe that?

Speaking of belief, what DO you believe?

Belief is a key component to unlocking the door to the life that you envision for yourself and long to live.

What is your philosophy? What do you live by? What’s your mantra, your purpose, your vision, and your goals?

What do you believe?

Do you believe that you can do anything? Do you believe that you can do anything but fail as long as you don’t quit?

Say it, “I can do anything as long as I don’t quit”.

Wouldn’t it feel great to actually believe that? How do you suppose you’d sleep tonight if you believed that? Wouldn’t you walk a little taller if you believed that? What would you do tomorrow if you believed that?

Can you imagine how different your job interview would have gone if you really believed that?

Now imagine if, as a young child and every day since, you were told, “you can do anything as long as you don’t quit”. How different might your life look today?

The predicament that you are in right now does not define your destiny.

Every time fear or doubt whispers…

“You can’t do this”

“You’re going to fail.”

“You’re going to end up like your mom.”

“You’ll never make it through this.”

You need to talk back to those voices, countering them with the truth of who you are and remind yourself in the process that you can do anything but fail as long as you don’t quit.

Mastering the breaking point is a necessary prerequisite to gaining the massive success destined for you. You absolutely must master the breaking point. You must press through. You must never quit.

How many people hit the breaking point and run away? Too many. The pressure sets in and they decide “this is too stressful”, “this is too emotional”, “this is too hard”.

You cannot be a champion until you’ve survived the breaking point. Do not walk away.

As you approach the breaking point, make sure you’re not alone. Fear loves isolation. Doubt loves solitude. Surround yourself with the support you’ll need to press through into the next dimension of who you are.

Remember, you’ve endured sickness and you survived. You’ve endured heartache and you survived. You’ve endured betrayal and you survived. You absolutely have what it takes to survive this next breaking point.

Take a moment, now, to remind yourself of who you are and what you possess. List five excruciatingly difficult life-experiences that you have survived. Beside each of those experiences, write two positives that came as a direct result of that trial. Meditate on that second list of positives and you will find yourself strengthened to carry on towards your next victory.

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