Are you familiar with the book of Job in the Christian Bible and the Jewish Tanakh?

Job is an excellent example of someone who was highly developed in fear.

Job so feared that his children might sin against God that he made it a habit to regularly construct altars and offer sacrifices on behalf of his children, seeking forgiveness and reconciliation from God.  Job did this continuously simply as a precautionary measure. He sought to prepare for the worst and, in so doing, invited the worst into his life.

Remember, when you allow something to consume your thoughts, when you envision it in your mind’s eye, and imagine it as a reality you make room for it in your life. This is true of both negative and positive circumstances. That’s why I’ve so often encouraged you to meditate on the vision that Destiny placed inside you. As you do, you bring your whole being and entire life in line with Destiny’s plan for your life.

As we meditate on Destiny’s design for our life, we actively align our human will with the will of heaven. Similarly, when we meditate on visions fueled by fear we align our human will with the prospects of fear. When we agree with the lies of fear, we acquiesce the power of our will to the intents of fear. Allow me to explain, years ago I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. The mention of another diagnosed malady was more than I was willing to accept after a childhood of abuse and trauma. Something inside me said, “Enough! I don’t accept this! You’re wrong, I don’t have Chronic Fatigue”. I refused to align my will with fear that day and I’ve never looked back. As a result, all of the symptoms that suggested I had Chronic Fatigue have dissipated and disappeared.

Just last night, I was driving home from an event in a city not far from our home. As I drove, a thought came to me, “it’d be so easy to just crash into that divider. It could be all over. I could rest”. Immediately I identified the thought as the voice of fear. Fear of overwhelm. Fear of failure as a mom. Fear of failure as a wife. Fear of failure as an entrepreneur. The tricky thing about the voice of fear is that it speaks to us in the first person. It say’s things like, “I’m no good. I’m a failure. I’m so unattractive. I’ll never succeed”. The thoughts sound very much like our own, but really they’re the deception of fear. As that thought came to me, I immediately recognized it as a tactic of fear and with that arose excited anticipation. If fear desires the end of me, it could only mean that I am right where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing. The closer we come to Destiny’s design for our life, the greater the threat we become to the motives of fear.

Now, back to Job. Job’s continual sacrifices were motivated by fear. His behavior was fear-based. He was motivated purely by the voice of fear. I imagine it sounded something like, “I bet she…He probably…He’ll never….If she…I better…What if I don’t…” Job became so preoccupied with the prospects of fear that he then gave himself physically to the building of numerous altars, further validating and strengthening that voice of fear. He totally surrendered himself to cultivating and yielding to the voice of fear and, as a result, he became highly developed in fear.

In fact, Job became highly developed in fear to the point that he saw the physical manifestation of all that he had imagined. Job lost everything. He lost his extravagant wealth. He lost his perfect health. He lost each of his children. He lost absolutely everything! Just think of how dramatically different his story would’ve been if he had given himself as earnestly to meditating on the promise of Destiny written on the lives of his children and on his own life.

Remember, the most powerful force on earth is the human will. The will that aligns with the design of Destiny will see the favor of heaven manifest. The will that aligns by acquiescence with the prospects of fear will see the unfavorable manifest.

When we tolerate the voice of fear in our life, we contaminate our faith for Destiny’s promise. When we tolerate our fear of elevators, of spiders, of large trucks, of airplanes, of different cultures we strengthen our faith in fear and yield greater strength to the prospects of fear for our life. We cannot afford to tolerate fear!

So, then, how do we actively resist fear? It’s simple. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. Meditate on the vision that Destiny has painted on your heart and mind. What is it? Don’t degrade it. Don’t call it childish. Don’t call it ridiculous or wasteful or materialistic or selfish or vain. Yield to it. What you don’t realize is that wrapped in the splendor of Destiny’s vision for your life is your priceless impact on humanity and history. All you see is a pretty picture. What you don’t see is the process of refinement that will prepare you to receive that manifest reality. Within that process of refinement is your blessing to the world. Your destiny is a vehicle to impact countless lives for the better. Cultivate the vision. Starve the fear.

Today, set aside 15 minutes to yourself. Maybe that’s in your car during commute. Perhaps its in the bathroom as you get ready for work. Maybe its a solitary walk on your lunch break. Whatever it is, make sure it’s to yourself. In that time, relinquish your heart and mind to Destiny. Allow Heaven to take captive your imagination so that you can sit with visions of your intended future. Every good and perfect gift comes from your Creator above. If, as you meditate, something other than good or perfect surfaces just reject it and move on. Like I did last night as I drove home when that thought of suicide entered my mind. Remember, as you gain clarity of your vision you threaten the prospects of fear for your life. So, if disturbing thoughts surface acknowledge them as confirmation that you’re on the right track. Reject the thought but acknowledge the confirmation.

Stay blessed!

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