Everyone desires to feel important.

Everyone desires to do something valuable with their life.

Everyone desires to feel significant.

Everyone desires to know the secret to greatness.

If you tell me I’m wrong, I won’t believe you.

Everyone desires a position of power and leadership and for good reason…we were wired to do so.

Each and every one of us has a calling on our life. We were created with a specific purpose to fulfill, a mission for our life, and for such a time as this.

It is absolutely true that no one else can do what you’ve been designed to do. Likewise, you cannot fulfill the destined role of another.

Your place of intended leadership is exclusively in the area of your gifting. This is significant because it means that you’ve already been perfectly fashioned and perfectly equipped to attain your intended position of leadership and influence. You and only you can do it proper justice.

The hand of heaven has prepared you for great stature and good success. Your destined success and position of influence will not come at the expense of your marriage. It will not come at the expense of relationship with your children. It will not come at the expense of your sanity or peace of mind. Your destined success and position of influence necessarily includes the security and stability of all that is good and perfect in your life. Why do I mention this?…

There are many “successful” people, holding distinguished positions of leadership who acquired their role at a great cost. That was never their intended fate. That’s the disadvantage of being good at multiple things – you can easily become misguided in pursuit of your purpose and, as a result, fill a position that was never your intended role.

When success exacts the price of one’s wellbeing, then that success was never their intended course. That’s not to say that divinely appointed success comes without difficulty. It simply means that even in the midst of calamity, peace and security reign.

You were born to occupy specific positions. Try as you might, you cannot change this. You cannot change the roles and assignments you’re meant to fulfill. They were designed for you and you for them. May you find peace and a sense of rest in knowing this.

The places you’re meant to occupy are not available to anyone else. So, don’t be jealous of another leader. You can’t be them anyway and you don’t have the capacity to fulfill their assignment. Competition and resentment are a waste of your energy.

Many high-profile leaders love to lord their power over people and use them as benefactors. In other words, they like to control people and, when they do, it gives us painfully intimate insight into their inner workings. Anyone who seeks to control another is insecure in their position of leadership. It’s like they know, on some level, that they were never intended for that role and rather than seek to uncover their true purpose, they resign themselves to the place that has afforded them the seeming value they’ve longed to possess. Why does this matter to you and to me?…

Your position of power and leadership will serve to offer you the reward of a satisfying life and peaceful success. When you’re where you belong, doing what you were designed to do, you won’t fall sway to the perceptions and opinions of others. When you’re where you belong, doing what you were designed to do, you’ll effortlessly reveal the glory that is exclusively you. When you’re where you belong, doing what you were designed to do, you’ll readily become the servant, offering up your gift to the world.

We’re not leaders because others serve us. We’re leaders because we serve, not as subservient slaves but as distributors of a most extraordinary gift.

You become great when you discover your gift, the gift you were born with, and serve it to humanity. This is where leadership is born.

This gift is very complex. It is a fruit, a passion, an anger, a hunger, its a lot of things. It’s that thing that is so intricately woven into the fabric of your being that you hardly can distinguish it. Nevertheless, you must discover it. You must lead with it and you must serve it to the world.

What is your gift? If you’re wondering that yourself, then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What activities, topics, or issues energize me?
  2. When do I lose track of time?
  3. When do I find myself in a state of flow?
  4. What comes naturally to me?
  5. What do I find easy and interesting?
  6. When am I rewarded?
  7. What am I happy to share with others?

Meditate on these questions, uncover your gift and serve it to humanity.

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