Do you know someone who loves much? Someone who loves well?

What do you attribute their love to? What’s the root of their love?

I’ve been pondering these questions myself and this is what I’ve come up with. See if you agree and, please, share your perspective.

First I should ask, what is it to love well?

Personally, I’ve come to understand love as sacrificial; as having no ulterior motive, no ambition beyond giving.

To love well is challenging. Even as I aim to selflessly love my children, I sometimes find an ulterior motive. I find myself thinking of the years ahead, hoping that today’s seeds of affirmation and affection blossom into an abiding love relationship.

But, what if they don’t? Isn’t that the greater test of love? If love is unconditional and sacrificial, then it ought to persist irrespective of how it’s received. Love is relentless by nature, after all, and not by any outside condition.

Now back to my earlier question, What’s the root of the love of those who love well?

I submit to you that it has a lot to do with a right appraisal of self and, even more importantly, a proper understanding of Destiny’s high estimation of them. They know their value. If challenged, they can provide evidence of Destiny’s great affection for them. They know they’re favored by Heaven and, as a result, can see the permeation of divine favor throughout their life.

Can you? Can you see the favor of Heaven in your life and circumstances?

Those who know they are loved, love. Those who know they are loved much, love much.

This then begs the question, is it possible to be well loved and not love well? Absolutely, yes! Do you know why?

The distinction is not that one is loved. The distinction is that they know they are loved. Those who know they are loved, love. Those who know they are loved much, love much.

Have you ever noticed how someone who loves well carries an uncommon level of inner peace? It’s like they just know that things will work out, everything will be okay.

Someone who loves well can wade through a sea of bills and challenging circumstances without growing weary or losing hope. Their security rests somewhere beyond the fluctuation of circumstances. Their rest and security lies in knowing that their Creator is for them and delights in every component of their being.

Worry and fear are fleeting. They surface only to be vanquished by the light and surety of Love within.

Someone who loves well; someone who loves sacrificially, someone who loves without ulterior motive carries no guilt. The tide of freedom and liberty run so deep within their being that, again, they rest well. They’re at peace with Destiny  and, as a result, carry no shame.

How can this be? Simple, they recognize the purifying presence of Destiny in their life.

Destiny doesn’t demand our perfection. Destiny simply asks that we accept the perfection of heaven to act on our behalf. When you love well, you’re letting Destiny love through you. When you speak with wisdom, you’re allowing Destiny to speak through you. When you perceive substance through distraction, you’re seeing with the eyes of Heaven.

Someone who loves much, someone who loves well is simply someone who allows Heaven to love for them, absolving them of an unreasonable expectation of their humanity.

Do you know that you are well loved?

Can you see the favor of Heaven in your life?

Have you accepted that Heaven only sees you in your perfection, as your true, unadulterated self?

As today unfolds, watch for five indicators that you are significant to the eye of Heaven and that you are well loved by your Creator.

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