Certainly you’ve encountered circumstances in life that appeared contrary to the vision of Destiny’s promise you carry inside.

What did you do in these events?

And today, what do you do when it looks like the promise is not going to come to pass?

Isn’t that the mission of Fear – to get you to disbelieve the promise of Destiny for your life?

What happens when we choose to believe the surly accusations of Fear over and against the promises of Destiny? We grow weary with worry and heavily burdened with unfavorable considerations. Our imagination becomes preoccupied with negative prospects and our hope grows faint.

When we give ourselves over to Fear, we literally stifle Destiny’s promise and mission for our life.

How might we affect the affairs of our life if we elected to simply abandon ourselves to the promise we carry?

Now that sounds lovely, but what about real life?

In real life, or what we call real life, things like divorce happen. What are we supposed to do, practically speaking, when we see something contrary like a spouse leaving?

Our first step needs to be a check of perspective and emotions.

Fear is going to do what Fear does, inundate your senses. Thats the only way for Fear to get in, through your senses. Fear will always give you disheartening evidence of a compromised promise through the things you hear, the words you read, the emotions you feel, even the things you smell.

Do  you know why most of us struggle to believe our promise? Because appearances seem more real than what we can’t see written on our hearts

Unbelief comes in through our five senses.

The majority of people struggle with the challenges of unbelief from natural input.

Don’t get me wrong, our senses are a blessing. They help us to safely navigate the terrain of our natural life. For instance, if you smell smoke get out of the house.

But, they weren’t meant to govern our spiritual life, our real life.

Our senses bless us. They allow us to hear, taste, smell, feel, see the pleasures of this life. But, they don’t have the capacity to direct us through what’s really real, through the supernatural life.

What you take in through your senses shapes your expectations of life. What messages are you internalizing? Are they building faith in the promise or making it hard to believe in what you long to see manifest in your life?

There is a truth and it’s evidence is written on your heart.

There’s also fact. Facts can change. The facts that your senses report to you today will not be the same facts that your senses report to you next week.

Truth stays the same and is constant.

Facts change. Your authored destiny doesn’t change.

Most people are dominated by their physical senses.

What’s really real? Is your vision of touching and enriching countless lives real or is your negative bank statement more real?

Are you moved more by what you see and hear than what you believe about your promise?

What are you going to believe?

When circumstances seem contrary, speak the truth to yourself.

Choose the promise over the contradiction.

Choose the promise over the problem.

Choose the promise over the circumstance.

Use your free will to believe the promise.

Have you ever fasted for an extended period?

If so, how did your body initially respond? Did you get a headache? Did you feel weak? Did your body tell you that it wasn’t a healthy choice to abstain from food and drink? Were there thoughts of shutting down and thoughts of uncertainty?

And then what happened when you rolled into day 3 and 4? By then your body had quieted. The fear of starvation and malfunction were dispelled by your survival. You challenged the natural input of your body and survived. Next time will be far easier.

What’s my point? It’s this…sometimes we have to be willing to challenge the natural voices in order to reveal the permanence of the promise.

Challenge the natural voice of your circumstances and you will find your promise unrelenting and true.

How is Fear toying with the appearance of your circumstances right now? Whatever it is, I challenge you to actively counter the lie by speaking the opposite message aloud. If Fear says, “you’re going to lose your job” then you say “Destiny has already secured abundant provision for my life”. If Fear says, “you’re not good enough” then you say, “I’m the perfect person to fulfill my purpose. I’ve been chosen and equipped unlike anyone else to bless history and humanity in a way that no one else can.”

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