Have you ever been told that Destiny has already supplied everything you will ever need to fulfill your purpose here on earth?

It’s true, everything you will ever need has already been set aside for you. But, its locked up in the heavenlies, in the dwelling place of Destiny.

Allow me to clarify, your provision is on earth in the physical but it only becomes activated to move toward you as you begin to move towards your purpose.

In other words, if you don’t begin to do what you were born to do then the provision for your purpose will not come to you. It’ll simply remain in wait.

Why, do you suppose, Destiny has already supplied everything you will ever need to fulfill your purpose here on earth?

Because Destiny chose you, or predestined you, before the foundation of the world.

To be ‘predestined’ means that your destination was set before your journey began. You were finished before Destiny began you. That means you are not an experiment. You are an adventure.

People who discover their purpose in life love living. When you know why you were born, you love to do what you were created to do.

Discover your destination and the journey will be fun. Even the potholes will prove worthwhile. You won’t be discouraged by detours if you know your destination.

You are not a mistake. You are not an experiment. Destiny is not playing games with your life. You were born and sent to this earth because there’s a specific thing that you’re meant to start that’s already finished.

When you get a picture of your destination, its called a vision. Every person reading this post has been given a vision for their life.

The problem is, when you see the vision, it’s so awesome that it compels you to call it a “daydream” or “fantasy”. You don’t see it as reality.

You’ve been conditioned by your society, community, parents, and family to not believe that your vision is real or that it’s possible.

Really, though, the thoughts of Heaven towards you are so awesome that if they were revealed to you, you wouldn’t believe they were possible.

You were chosen according to the plan of Heaven, who works out all things to conform to the purpose of Destiny.

All things are worked out to conform to Heaven’s purpose for your life. That means that whatever you are here to do, no matter what mistakes you’ve made, Destiny will work them in and make them a enriching elements to your story.

No matter how many times you fail, Destiny never gets upset. Your mistakes are a testimony that the power of Heaven can refine anything into the purest gold.

You are the workmanship of Heaven, created to do good works which were prepared for you before the earth began. The works that you were born to perform were already prepared long before you were conceived which means you were born to start something that was already finished.

There’s nothing accidental about your existence. Your life began with a race of no less that 500 million, with every contender vying for first place. Guess who won. That’s right, it was you. You are not one in a million. You are one in 500 million, chosen by Destiny for an extremely important role on earth at this distinct time in history.

Destiny watched the race and called out, “I want that one! I want you!”

Its absolutely impossible for you to be a mistake.

What step can you take today to begin to move towards your purpose and, as a result, activate your provision?

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