Have you heard the proverb:

A person’s gift opens doors for him and brings him before the great.

Never confuse what you study in school for your divinely appointed gift.

Your gift, your inherent endowment from Heaven, makes room for you before leaders and people of influence. That’s not necessarily true of your education.

I can feel the skepticism of some of you concerning that last statement.

You were born with the seed of greatness and your seed is your gift. Your gift is your leadership. You were born to lead in the area of the gifting that you carry.

You must discover your gift. That is your assignment in life. For when you do, humanity stands to benefit in the way that only you can bring. That’s the weight and gravity of who you are and what you carry.

Whatever Destiny calls for, Destiny provides for. Destiny will never demand from you what wasn’t deposited into you.

Whatever Destiny demands, Destiny supplies.

Whatever Destiny expects, Destiny injects.

Whatever Destiny assigns, Destiny designs.

Whatever Destiny calls out, Destiny puts in.

Birds were made to fly so Destiny put flight in birds.

Fish were made to swim so you never find a fish attending swim lessons.

Seeds become trees without attending conventions on how to grow trees, because it’s built within them.

Whatever Destiny authored for your life is not outside of you. It’s within you. Just as the tree is already in the seed.

You can take a seed and plant it in a bad economy and it still becomes a tree.

Your seed will blossom and prosper irrespective of the conditions of your surrounding. Discover your gift and you discover the invincible aspect of your life that only you, yourself, have the power to either squelch or manifest.

Peace follows the realization that your future is not around you or ahead of you. Destiny put your future where you can’t miss it…

It’s inside you.

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